Why Baby Boomers Suck!

Why do Baby Boomers suck? Let me count the ways!  First you have the feeling of entitlement where everyone thinks they deserves to eat their cake and then a slice of the other guy’s too.  Second is politics—everything is red or blue, Republican or Democrat, Left of Right and it doesn’t matter what’s right anymore. As a RVR reader says, they’re “hippy-crits”. I think that just about sums it up! Third is the corporate system in which millions of us have been shuffled in to and used and abused while our Baby Boomer middle managers make all the money for doing nothing.  The list goes on and on.

Here’s an excerpt from the book I put together, which includes cartoons, fast facts about the ugly generation, and little essays about why they suck. Enjoy!

There comes a time for every generation when they have gained enough knowledge of the world around them and of history in general that they realize that the things their parents did and stand for as a generation pretty much suck ass.

The new generation begins to feel capable of separating themselves from the previous generations and so it ‘moves out’ of their parents’ house to embark on their own adventure. It happened for the Baby Boomers in the 60s and 70s and for their parents in the 30s and 40s. It seems to be a natural step in growing up and every generation seems to go through it eventually. For those of us in the generations titled ‘X’ and ‘Y’, that time is now.
For better or worse, this departure usually comes with a general denunciation of everything that the previous generation did and stood for. That comes naturally for our generation because pretty much everything that the Baby Boomers did and stood for as a generation was worthless tripe.

Some may call this proclamation of separation a rebellion, but we like to keep the hysterical talk to a minimum (unlike our predecessors). This book is just a simple account of how The Baby Boomers have created a mess and how we younger generations are reacting to it. This generational divide looks a little different than those of the past, partly because of the immense amount of wealth and opportunity we have now as a culture (despite the efforts of the Baby Boomers), but also because of the character of the Baby Boomers. Our parents looked at revolution as a way of life- they’re not content unless they have something to revolt or protest against. That concept is ridiculous to us. Another striking dissimilarity between our form of rebellion and our parents’ is timing.

It has taken quite a bit longer for us to “rebel” than it took our parent’s generation to rebel. While we end-of-the-alphabet generations have finally become aware of our historical place by our mid-twenties and early thirties, the Baby Boomers knew everything about the world in the 1960s, when they were still teenagers. Sure, we disobeyed our parents when we were teenagers and we didn’t want to talk to them—every kid goes through that stage—but until now, we haven’t openly denounced them as a generation like they did in the 60s and 70s to their parents.

They rebelled by railing on the World War II Generation (or the Greatest Generation as many have labeled them), moving to San Francisco, fighting the power, and trying every drug known to man (and even some known only to frogs). We are rebelling from our parents by wearing jeans and a T-shirt to work, going to church, being politically incorrect, and writing and publishing books.

We, as a generation are finally coming to the realization that the world our parents created is seriously messed up. It’s a world where people are all doing the wrong things for all the right reasons and the right things for all the wrong reasons. It’s a world where there are two dominant political parties that both end up doing the exact same thing for the country: put it in deeper debt. It’s a world where we spend billions of dollars a year on Starbucks and Microsoft and then protest those multi-billion-dollar corporations’ dominance. It’s a world where to see a breast on national television is obscene, but the sexually violent dance leading up to the breast exposure is okay. It’s a pretty strange place the Baby Boomers have created and we feel it’s time to relieve them of their duties.

We are eager to start taking control–so eager, we’re not waiting in line like our parents did. My mom always says I “want everything NOW!” As if that’s a bad thing. Yes, I want everything now–and if I can’t get it now, I’m going to make it myself. Gone are the years of worshiping the physician. Gone are the years of walking on eggshells when someone around you may be offended. Gone are the years that created screaming secularism and silent spirituality. Gone are the years massive government without progress. Well, maybe not yet.
And so, we present this book in reflection of the world the Baby Boomers have given us. It is an ode to the generation about to retire and suck us dry (with all due respect).

Check it out and buy a copy or fifty:

Why Baby Boomers Suck 1

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  1. Learn correct grammar and spelling if you want to be taken seriously. Otherwise, you will be cataloged as ignorant and arrogant. Also, short-sighted. You are an embarrassment to your generation. I feel sorry for you. Do something useful. Go save the whales for Christ’s sake. After you learn basic English.

  2. Remember the guy who stood infront of the tank in china, then the commies shot a bunch of those students ? Canada is being overrun by those commies, saying it never happened. And maybe a majority of boomers, left and right, are on the side of the tank


    HOW AMERICA ENDS- with all the jobs going to commy china, commies and terrorists and others will say “no tax money for police. we scared. too many poor people. bring communist chinese soldiers here”. With 2 parties, theyll need a majority, and it might not happen. For Canada, bigger commy percentage needing only about 40%, itll probably be over in 2015

    • Yea, that fagg Mitt Romney would do away with the country if he gets in. Has already sent jobs to China as a CEO with not a fuck given. Fuck him. I just hope that my fellow countrymen aren’t stupid enough to vote the devil worshipper into office. Obama needs another term to try and turn this muthafucka around by investing in America. Give the money to our people infuse the economy. Fuck the CEOs who shitted on us to begin with and asked us all for a bail out, those fucktards.


        Romneys kids will inherit his investments in china – walmart rags overflowing from the garbage dump.

      • you’ve been brainwashed by corporate media if you think obama is any less of an asshole than romney, they are both puppets being controlled by the same masters

  4. XY party of Canada

    My fellow Canadians; you might have to pull your money out of the system. Harper is about to pass a law for tianimen square that china can sue you in closed door kangaroo courts, but no Canadians can sue or countersue china


    freedom of speech means whining about people who can squish you like a bug, then whining some more when they do.

  6. surferjohn@cox.net

    LOL! A true display of ignorance and nonsense. Boomers are the wealthiest generation on the planet. Worth somehwhere in the neighborhood of 3 trillion that they earned through their own innovation and ingenuity. They have enough money to last them for the rest of their lives and what’s left over they will give to their children and grandchildren or donate it to worthy causes of which you are obviously not one of.

    • thats the problem. their only worth 3 trillion. whats their debt?

      • Their? How about they’re? You know, like they are.Your generation is pretty stupid, aren’t they?

        • No. “Your generation is pretty stupid, aren’t they?” – Try replacing “aren’t they” with “isn’t it”. Then shoot yourself. Don’t go all grammar Nazi if you can’t even put a coherent sentence together yourself. Fucktard.

        • It’s their. Not they are.
          As in ‘they’re on the way
          Their pants fit nice.
          Can’t wait till someone grinds you all up :)

      • Perfect response — so perfect that it drew one of those “oh, yeah? Uh, well your grammar is bad” shots that people who can’t dispute a point love to make. Boomers, through their rabid self interest, have managed to turn the most powerful nation on the planet into an entitlement-minded, amoral country that’s rapidly becoming China’s little bitch. Boomers do, indeed, suck. What sucks even more is that the Boomers are running everything.

    • yea, they are the wealthieat generation and yet they are still going to bleed us dry with social security payments. they are retiring like fat cats driving their goddamned rv’s all over the country, our taxes going to maintain their lifestyles in retirement instead of educating our children.


        theyre too stupid and lazy to drive RVs. They drive hogs, pretending theyre a tough gang taking over the town. They go to cheap hotels and mcdonalds and cry when they dont get 1st class service. Then they fly to the crack islands and cry about the terrorists they imported. They fill the hospital with sniffles and complain about the asians they imported. Then they get stuck in traffic jams and blame all the bastards born after the 1950s for having to go to work to pay them rent and pensions and their fuckin govt debt

      • Whoa there Joe. Those of us collecting social security have been working for something like 50 years and paying into the system. Damn straight we’re drawing payments.

      • You are just as ignorant as the person that wrote this nonsense. Iliterate and uneducated. Social Security? They paid into the system their whole working careers. They worked hard and saved much, something this generation won’t succeed to. Educating our children? Educate your own children. It all starts at home. I see yours didn’t.

      • Rv lol I like that. That’s funny and at the same time so true.

    • Just retire already so the people in there twenties and thirties can have equal opportunity as you did. If you have so much money and have worked so hard retire already. chump

      • I thought Nixon was God

        People in their 40s have killed themselves waiting longer for these 1950s zombies to go away, taking their crap since the 1970s. So even if your a ivy league graduate in your 20s, do some physical work and wait your turn.

        • Angry, Downsized Middle Manager

          I’m in my 30s and have already been downsized twice. Hearing Boomers’ sob-stories about being downsized in their 50s fills me with rage. When you’re downsized in your PRIME EARNING YEARS, you literally have no chance at economic security at all. The second time I was downsized, it was from a director-level position, where I was managing millions of dollars in revenue and a staff of Millennials for a shitstain of a Boomer boss who hated women and thought himself a real fancy motherfucker because he used to work for one of the companies that’s gutting the American middle-class as we speak.

          One Friday afternoon, I was told to pack my things and leave, and given a contract, which, my boss’s dickless sidekick advised me, should be “discussed with a lawyer.” Glad I did because the severance they wanted to give me in exchange for my agreeing not to file for unemployment was LAUGHABLE. I was traded in for a kid with 3 months’ work experience to date and a small collection of 22-year-old “contractors.” It was literally the most humiliating moment of my professional career, and more horrifying yet, I know that when I return to the workforce early next year, I will have many, many more where that came from to look forward to. I empathize with those in their 40s, who, like me, were told, “Go to college, major in something useful, work part-time, save your money, climb the ladder, pay your dues, be patient, and you will be rewarded in due time.” That contract was violated with Reaganomics and NAFTA.

          For us, waiting around for those magical middle management jobs that Boomer consultants predicted (wrongly, probably on purpose, since they were pulling strings behind the scenes to orchestrate the recession) would materialize in droves c. approx. 2009-2011, the script looks more like, “Go to college while working too damn much, graduate, get one worthless McJob after another, work hellish amounts of overtime often, go without benefits frequently, and when you finally make it to a management position that pays a comfortable middle-class salary, you will be replaced by a child. Oh, and don’t forget to go fuck yourself.” For more recent graduates, “unpaid internship” and “crippling amounts of debt” can be added to the list. I feel lucky that I went to college when tuition, room, board, AND books were just a few grand a year. If I had to pay off debt in addition to dealing with the malarkey of the Boomer-fucked job market, I would probably already have done myself in.


        Commie asian vultures who flew here when the soviets couldnt pay them anymore are calling themselves ‘generation next’

      • Amen!!!!!!

    • Babyboomers had everything handed to them after their parents went out and won a world war – by the way, thanks for completely fucking up the planet and thrusting all other generations into your corporate oligarchy. I sit here waiting for these luddite, selfish, Boomers to just die off…


    80s family sitcoms messed with everyones heads. They were made to convince pablum voting boomer cokeheads to have kids. They never showed crying babies. Thats why 80s kids idolize the olson twins. The genx kids in those shows were spewing lines that might have been written by 1947 roswell aliens. And who knows what non whites watching this crap must think.

    • Angry, Downsized Middle Manager

      To be fair, “A Different World” was a really good sitcom, and only got better after Lisa Bonet left (not that she was bad – in fact, High Fidelity is one of my top-five, all time-favorite movies largely because of her!), Bill Cosby stepped off the creative direction, and Jasmine Guy got more interesting storylines. That said, I’m one of three white people I know of who watched it.


        Get that senile boomer bitch judge judy off Canadian tv. She made a guy pay a cop $5000 for complaining the cop called him stupid. It was a traffic situation with no dash cam.

        • i apologize for calling judge judy names, and bearing false witness is wrong, but saying someone called you stupid when in your opinion they talk to you like your stupid is an opinion, and what kind of robot society are you setting an example for? This is worse than suing because the coffee was hot

  8. couldn’t agree more… baby boomer’s do suck. the only hope this world has is younger generations waking up to reality. we have to understand how previous generations have been brainwashed by government and corporate media and do our best to avoid those pitfalls.

    • No, your generation sucks. The biggest bunch of lazy, whining, crybabies ever. Waaahh, cry us a river. Waste of life.


        ‘my generation’ in school were divided into preppies, punkers, and metalheads. metalheads might be stupid and party, but fix your cars and build your houses and everything else the chinese cant handle. preppies are the corporate and business people. and punkers are the government people who think they know whats best for everybody else. And theyre all sick of bloated old brats from the 1950s

      • Waste of life? Well then why did u loose your tacky trousers and give us life? All u need to do is watch Woodstock footage and hippy vids to see that in bb s get the gold star for whining.

      • Oh go think about your ultimate mind fuck–Vietnam. You fucking Boomers spit on vets!!!!

        Signed a US Army Vet

  9. I don’t give a fuck about some illuminati conspiracy bullshit. All I know is that there are two realistic choices and Obama is the better option. No I’m not brainwashed – check Mitt’s god damn record and tell me how he’s a better choice for the poor and middle class (the majority of Americans) than Barack is.

  10. Your promotion of HATE and division will not serve you well in personal or business affairs–unless you wish to lead terrorist groups. This kind of spewing, what does it accomplish toward public good? Each generation is labeled to help explain the era in which they were raised (and influenced). No generation can escape such influences entirely. Please consider learning more about each, reflecting on both strengths and weaknesses, so that you can either emulate the good or avoid the bad. Tolerance for others will be far more important for your generation over any preceding you, as the world is quite full with real problems to address. I hope good things for you.

  11. I am in my fifties and I am retired because I have a shitload of money. You are not completely wrong but I don’t give a fuck what you think. If you don’t like it, you can suck my ass.

  12. Blame the boomer ad men who’ve sold us a future we can’t afford. They’d rather have us serve them subway sandwiches and sell them cheap china shit from big box stores. Corporate advertising is a crime. Those robber barons have created the perfect slave generation.

    • The boomer run colleges want everyone to keep spending thousands of dollars on their useless training courses, then boomer run companies say were too stupid to learn to operate the machine with the one of a kind computer system. “Can i read the manual?” “NO”

      • Not to mention nowadays we have to take a test for everything!!!!! LSATs, MCATs, GREs. The Boomers were grandfathered into their jobs. I plan to take the ASCP’s MLT exam. It is 200 dollars. Then I have to get state license. It is 55 dollars!!!!! Fair is fair and right is right, but the burdens that the boomers have placed upon other generations are neither fair nor right!!!! I despise the Baby Boomers!!!! They are a generation of vipers!!!!

  13. Following your chain of thought, when you retire, you should be euthanized. Be careful, you’re almost there.

    • The worst generation sold Canada to the worst nation

      • thank you boomers

        Thanks for giving commy china money for weapons, and they send you crap im suppose to buy. Heres a law; if your investments arent marked ‘made in china’, youll be tortured and executed

  14. We do not ALL fall into this categorized rant you perceive. Sorry. Move on
    I do not suck….speak for yourself not in “we”…terms :)

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  16. Sensible Person
    Is there anyone here able to make comments without using disgusting language just to sound ‘big’? I quite abhor these young so called ‘educated’ Punks.Boomers are truly great.If Boomers had no children we would be lucky as none of these ridiculous ‘bottom-feeders’ would be able to make disgusting useless comments on this page.

  17. I C that ‘picnic sandwich’ is a BRIT the term knobgobblers refers to Limey’s and is not a homegrown ‘Canuck’ term.Boomers are alive ‘n’ kickin’ it is the wretched lazy youth that live as ‘bottom-feeders’ in our society with their ilk that spit out more of their kind every nine months.Sad but we have to keep this degenerate spawn in their lazy existence.They only know words like ‘Yeah Maan’ and ‘Yeah’ but have no reasonable grasp of the english vernicular.Sad we have such a mass of this degeneracy that will be unable due to their low intelligence to ever put back anything of usefulness into our society other than Ghetto talk they copied from the degenerate areas of Philadelphia and Detroit which shows they have no allegiance to Canadian culture and are basically little other than vermin..Perhaps THEY should work in Government ‘Work Camps’ or building roads and their ‘spouses’ work in government Sewing factories,in this manner they would become useful to mankind than just a useless drag on our Boomer society.How I abhor this useless MASS, a blight on good Canadian society!


      Just pay your debt and die hippy

      • Alfred sezz: Blair you need to be put on a new training program to re-shape your tunnel vision which is sadly deteriating.Too bad you were not educated any better.Tch! Tch!

      • The simple truth about you malicious people that hate boomers – you are pissed off because we we have a better life than you , jealousy is a curse!

    • So, your atleast 50 yrs old, and your still having a hissy fit because humans were born after you

      • picnic butty-gobbler.

        I don’t give a damn about young useless lazy ‘Bottom Feeders.’ They who will not work let them fade away! You sound like you are from Queen and Lansdowne.lol

    • In Canada, they gave old ww2 vets u.i.c for workin about 6 months from 1968 to 1993. They deserved it and were gettin old. THE HIPPY BOOMERS DEMANDED IT FOR THEMSELVES TOO. fuck em

  18. In 2008, they stopped printing money so we will all be slaves to old boomers, instead of printing more money to pay off the boomers natl debt. Obama was in on it, he blocked Mccain from stopping it. It was masterminded by Mark Carney. C-103 A-101 R-118 N-114 E-105 Y-125 =666. Mark Carney was then made president of bank of Canada, and now bank of England. HOMELESS SLAVES FOR OLD ZOMBIES

    • Nice story except for the fact that no one has stopped printing money. They turned up the presses after the financial collapse that they caused. They are trying to make us slaves though by making saving unprofitable.

      • They stopped printing before the collapse, and the banks said “we have no money to lend”. If you print 900 trillion dollars, the debt is meaningless. so are mortgages, rent, etc.. but they want less money floatin around, makin people homeless slaves


    Its march 1st. The worst scumbags from Canada are in florida today, spending lotsa cash from renters. GO GET IT

  20. Wow, lol.

    If there are any boomers here, then your political views are not justified by your reluctance to learn anything. E.g. global warming exists and that does not change because you were too uneducated to understand it OR you just feel too much negativity towards it and AVOID IT.

    The worst thing about baby boomers is they AVOID obvious global problems due to a lack of intelligence… we leave them with high school knowledge and they go ahead and act like ignorant selfish animals.

    If a baby boomer can please explain to me, their great plan, for ensuring that our agricultural-energy-population complex will stagnate in growth to ensure the continuity of our civilization for future generations… Not too mention the list of thousands of global problems which are not being resolved. Their answer: *They smirk first* “The markets will sort it out” .. And that’s the limit of their thoughts, and the thought doesn’t even make sense anyways. What they are really thinking is “Well I’m gunna be dead anyways , fuck em.” – And that is the convention for all boomers now. Good thing housing markets will crash and they’ll have to finally BE PRODUCTIVE. Stupid idiots need an economic collapse to smarten up. Bunch of truck drivers and factory workers that don’t have any scientific or economic backing whatsoever, THEY should be our slaves, the people who know how the world should run.

    All you care about is selfish bullshit like property, housing prices, retirement, etc. Your selfish animals.

  21. I love the boomers’ impotent rage.. bottom line guys, you’re gonna be mentally slow, physically helpless and generally sick in the years going forward, just in time to reap the GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN and COMPLETE FAILURE OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM which are YOUR LEGACY. You can keep winning all the arguments with your know-it-all, well-practiced arrogance… but you will die en masse when shit starts getting real again.. Gen Y and the friendly spanish speaking immigrants will not PISS ON YOU IF YOU’RE ON FIRE! the ONLY reason we deal with you is because your dirty monopoly money is the only way to get food and shelter!!

  22. Great article!


    Why is china kickin our ass?? BECAUSE WE DONT MAKE CLOTHES FOR 18 CENTS AN HOUR

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  25. This has got to be the most ridiculous blog I have ever stumbled upon. You have failed big time at your attempt to generalize an entire generation. This is the rantings of a spoiled and jealous child.

  26. Guess what guys – baby boomers are going to be the first generation to outlive their children. Why? Because your generation have spent their lives looking out for me, me, me – guzzling and gorging on everything in your path until your fat arses will finally collapse. Is that your fault? What do you think. Oh yea, forgot you never learnt to think did you.

  27. They have good and bad traits. They did some positive stuff though. Think of how far human rights has come since that time, before that you faced severe moral policing. One night stands and so on were not acceptable. Also, this is the generation who fought racism in earnest and not to mention the work they did in getting LGBT rights to begin to be accepted. There is a lot of rose tinted nostalgia of times previous and if you think the generations before were perfect then i would have to disagree. Think of slavery, think of the severe beatings you would face if you were openly gay, think of the inherent and open racism. Baby boomers did start us on this dismal financial path but yet we shouldnt overlook the good stuff they have done

    • Baby Boomers did nothing to fight racism. That all happened with the Beat Generation just older than the Boomers. Sure they made homosexuality more prominent but is that good? There is no such thing as “LGBT rights” there are only human rights. And that’s the Boomer contribution to the world: screwing up the language so that no one understands anyone anymore for the sake of equality. Well, equality among unequals is inequality. I’m not buying your defense.

  28. Cream of Wheat

    The boomers aren’t gonna stop until they finally get World War 3 up and going. Fucking idiots can never stop. leave those fucking Egyptians to themselves Boomers. Youre already popping shit with Iran now already. Pulling us out of AFGHANISTAN to insert us into the next war which will be the grand finale.

    But no, you have to go poke that massive shit pile of a country until it blows up in our faces. The youth will be left to fight your Middle Eastern conflicts. Russia and China are just itching to jump in and try to finish us off for good.

  29. I was out to dinner with my folks a while back. There was this 60 year-old guy a few tables over: he had a scruffy Beatles haircut, hadn’t shaved in at least a couple days, and was wearing trendy clothes that I’ve seen twenty-somethings wear. I think that says a lot.

    I’m in my 30’s and haven’t cared about rock n roll and rebellion for twenty years. These people twenty years older than me seem to be stuck in all that.

  30. ode to the moron who wrote this

    Oh where do I start…

    You are the stupidest person I have ever encountered. Seeing as I am in the Generation X era… my opinions do not come anywhere near your ideas or thoughts. How dare you compare an entire generation to your stupid beliefs. Do your research before coming out like a little baby whose candy was taken away. These baby boomers that you disrespect so much have built this country, you know who ruined it? Stupid lazy librals like you. Talk about entitlement, ya these people deserve it! They served in wars, raised their children, paid their taxes, worked unbelievable amounts of hours to put a roof over your head and food in your nasty mouth. If I was your mother I’d be ashamed to even say you came out of my womb. Have some respect you worthless POS! Baby boomers didn’t put sex on tv, you hippy loving scum did! Baby boomers didnt protest everything… the libral dirty hippies did! You don’t think todays standards are different? How about the dirty hippy librals standing on the streets demanding us tax paying citizens to pay their college funds off, how about the dirty librals that voted for BO and ….. never mind. This is like talking to a brain dead moron who can’t even think for themselves… You have to blame someone for your lame ass downfall. .. go shed keep blaming the people that broke their backs and put their lives on the line for this country. Retard hippy!

  31. Baby boomers had ear candy music, cool movies and pop culture legends like Elvis, the Beatles and Sinatra. You have rap, hip hop and reality shows. Plus climate change and economic chaos to look forward to. So who really sucks? Come on now, you live in a world of suck so how can you not suck the worst? There’s only one generation left after Y, and that’s Z. Rest my case.

    • XY Party of Canada

      The old soviets just asked me for my rent. I said “The russian government is paying my rent. Because the Canadian government is paying yours”

  32. Most people in their 20’s and 30’s don’t think like the author of this blog..in fact his attitude is isn’t common among others his age/.he’s an ageist. his notion is that .everyone of a certain age is a piece of shit,perod!! this has nothing to do with boomers this everything to do with liberalism and ant-authority.this guy makes blanket statements about ALL baby boomers,even though very many don’t fit in his appointed catagories he shoves them into.many baby boomers flipped burgers,headed grocery stores and had meager jobs and like many people today and never had any real ties to how politics panned out//ie,normal everyday working man.the author of this blog reminds me of someone who sits in a diner half the night and bitches with his compadres about life as they know it..this guy will die at an early age due to his rage..trust me..stress will kill him.he might not realize it but it will./hate is stress and stress=early death./As he gets older he’ll be see by others as a crazy guy that bitches all the time.actually I feel sorry for him.the kind of hate he has is infecting his system…he’ll realise someday that he’s a person filled with rage and unhappy and by then it’ll be too late..he’ll be an unhappy lonely old man..I’ve seen this in patients time and time again./

    • XY Party of Canada

      Boomers fucked us over with their housing bubble. The more we pay, the more you make.. Pay rent in hell, more and more, as 3 billion asians get dumped on you

  33. Baby boomers are pieces of shit, I hate them so much.

  34. You people make me laugh. You all sound like you’re still in kindergarten. You know nothing of life, or human nature and have no sense of history. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  35. No offense and disrespect to the BB generation, but they will certainly go down in history as the generation which destroyed the US.

  36. This article is harsh, but it focuses on a issue that most media outlets won’t even touch. Most Baby Boomers expect the younger generations to take care of them in their golden years. This isn’t an unreasonable expectation since it is assumed that children take care of their elders. However, a problem arises when deciding what “taking care of your elders” entails. If that means that I have to pay into Social Security/Medicare now and receive nothing later I’m strangely at ease with that. Although I care about massive financial obligations, the point where I draw the line concerns freedom and security. I’m sure you have noticed, but since Sept. 11th there has been this huge push for increased security. Now, this is by no means an issue exclusive to Baby Boomers, but they have been its main proponents. There seems to be this prevailing wisdom that we can make society 100% safe, and this stretches far beyond anything dealing with terrorism. For example, you will constantly see more and more restrictions heaped on new drivers age 16-18, but a firestorm will erupt at any mention of restricting elderly drivers. My main point is this: don’t restrict my choices and freedoms if you can’t do the same.

  37. *Side Note* I don’t know if anybody else has had this problem, but I cannot stand it when a Baby Boomer gives me an excuse like, ” Because you haven’t paid your dues.” Last time that happened I was unable to restrain myself and I blurted out, “Well I’ve been to fucking war, so when are my dues paid exactly? He then thanked me for my service and walked away.

  38. A logical trend would lend that follow on generations has learned lessons from past mistakes as described in the “Flynn Effect.” Generation “T” for tactful shall follow. Less we shall remember once again, respect individual freedoms of individuality, likes, perceptions and dislikes. Lending to the cause and effect consciousness and a higher emotional intelligence,

  39. gex x blows

  40. gex x is the worst , your music sucks, your movies suck your tv sucks that seattle grunge shit, that’s now emo, homo, metal or what ever you call it. immature assholes always on your cellphones [the guys um, i mean the DUDES, are worse then the women] with their cellphones, idiotic stupid sayings >>like DUDE!! DUDE!! DUDE!!, acting a different color wearing your pants down to YO ass, you annoy the shit out of every generation.!!! and let me tell ya something about the baby boomers they had led zeppelin, the stones, pink floyd, bad co. etc etc,. no stupid shows like america’s got talent the voice mtv and all that shit you worship. you got a lot of balls knocking baby boomers, i’m not one of them but i wish i were, do you know what like i’m sayind DUDE.!!

    • Emperor of the 12 dimensions

      Raise of hands here… which generation created Monsanto?
      The chemical barons and oil barons are not Gen x
      Musically we are eclectic and able to see things too advanced for the 50s 4 chord Gen.
      Gen x didn’t push for more missiles but we did go door to door trying to get people to accept the blue box.
      Most, not all of boomers are experimental programs gone wrong ie deet sprayed. Radiated. TV was new to them so they became obsessed. Just like texting today. Of course texting is communication an tv is a mind number.
      As for food we Gen x have to grow it ourselves to trust it BECAUSE boomers told their parents they wanted off the farm so they can make 5 times as much money doing key punching jobs and political jobs. Boomers only want a easy life. My Gen created 100s of marathons (not to mention record breaking in every physical event) just to help others. We don’t take from our govt in such a demanding way…ummm ya, go to any hospital and u will see BB tying up the staff
      Not the old lady way but in a much more demanding self owed way.
      Ask 100 people if they would do it again the way the shit Gen did things and I doubt 3 percent would a yes…
      The good news is when they die off the planet won’t smell so bad!

  41. Ricky Altamos

    of course everybody here realizes you punks who despise baby boomers use the internet to bash them because you’re cowards..say any of these things to a baby boomer face to face and you’d get your butt kicked.you’re a bunch of little teenage kids ,whiney little kids who obviously know how to surf the internet but not much more than that..you have nothing to do but sit at home in your one parent family dwelling while mommies at work and play on the computer….odds are that you’re going to a webcam porn site after you post here.or out to browse walmart at 3am.get a life and a job kids.

  42. Boomers are Awesome better than my dumass Gen X parents

    Fast fact just because your a pussy ass bitch, whom was probable left in a dumpster alone by bad parents does not give you any right to hate the generation that gave you everything from MTV to pc’s and the hard one battles against gangs. Fucking use your brain dipshit crybaby. Boomers are awesome!

    • Emperor of the 12 dimensions

      Webcam porn or a stack of sticky magazines? Yuk!
      We don’t have the jobs available remember u dumb cunts sent th overseas and now the west is ruined. More and more it will crumble.
      Considering my Gen robs ur Gen DAILY I would say cower dice is not an issue more like self restraint. We are more violent but the chemicals have altered our state of mind. Ask any 90 ur old who they would rather hang out with…it’s NOT a baby boomer. We might annoy others but it’s better than starting wars to make things happen. No Gen x has sent 100000 people to their death. Adolf wasn’t a Gen x nor was Pol pot nor was saddam. MOST SERIAL Killers are baby boomers.
      U dumb fuck Gen x is about 40 now. Turn the tv off put down the girlie mag and u will see its true! Typical bb getting simple things wrong.
      here’s a sobering thought for u dick head. ..if ur 80 or older I apologize as I honor the ww 2 Gen. They didn’t know but they tried. Boomers know and deny truth. My Gen is tired and poisoned…thanks for the great stewardship. Soon cancer will be cured not because a cure was found but the boomers will have died off and life can restore itself. WE KEEP CANCER GOING TO DWINDLE and once enough have bit the Monsanto poisoned dust the cure will be released. Big families and steady relationships are all but gone so population will be proper again soon. Once the boomers have spread ebola enough a new path will emerge. The way of altruism and self sacrifice will be the NORM
      In the 30s and 40s men had to work 12 or more hours a day at CENTS per hour. Then the boomer comes along and decided life is too hard and tech should do it all as u sat watching a screen. Then Gen x comes along and MUST work 2 jobs to make a good wage for a family. Boomer ceo gets 20 million the rest get peanuts. As for face to face? MON LABE! THAT means come take! 5 bucks says u call the cops when u come to…pow!
      Ps MINE is the muay Thai generation wink wink.

  43. There are no jobs. I have worked very hard for very little pay. Baby boomers are in denial and think that everything now is hunky dory. The most greedy selfish generation should just wake the fuck up. The boomers had plenty jobs and education was very cheap. They had the best economic situation and they sure as hell didn’t create it. The greatest generation did. The boomers are selfish selfish selfish and most of them would put their needs first before their own kids. That’s just plain fucked up! Most are stuck in a fucking time warp and refuse to open their eyes and see how things really are. I would rather be poor and have an open mind than be a spoiled self centerened rich asshole baby boomer.

  44. STFU MORON! You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! You just like hearing yourself rant like babies like to hear themselves cry!

  45. Allison Webster

    For those with an ax to grind, have you heard the new “Baby Boomer” song
    http://youtu.be/-vMicdkKlBk that rips them up one side and down the other?

  46. allison webster

    It’s all been summed up in the new “Baby Boomer” song that just popped up on YouTube. Here it yourself. It nails ‘em. http://youtu.be/-vMicdkKlBk

  47. That alone wwas an egregious oversight on thheir own part, since aaceedfdaddf

  48. Is this book available on toilet paper rolls, as a baby boomer I’d like you to sit on this and swivel.

  49. DisguntledMillienial

    Boomers are useless. They have been handed everything. They inherited THE best economy that man kind has ever had the pleasure in experiencing and shit all over it. They got to pay little to nothing for their college education, they receive government benefits that, in my humble opinion, do not deserve, and they lack any kind of work ethic. That is why you see boomers employed the easiest kind of jobs that require no substantive work. They then proceed to force the younger generations to do all of their work why they schedule meetings and play golf. A lot of the time the younger generations are put into a position where they either work for pennies or are taking unpaid internships for the opportunity to possibly one day work for pennies. I cringe when a boomer, especially a white one, tells me that they had it harder than I do. I don’t understand why they think this? Is it because we have I-Phones and text?

    I have no sympathy for unemployed or underemployed boomers. They had their shot to build their wealth.

  50. I have respect for cops & teachers. But the same GOVT BUREAUCRATS since 1968, doing what everyone and their dog has been educated to do, Now collecting old age pensions AND making it illegal to fire them…LAST STRAW

  51. that show got cancelled

  52. the name of all those picker/storage shows should be ‘Anyone can buy, Sellings the bitch’

  53. When the wall came down, the soviets immediately bought up British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, from the stupid lazy boomers. Theyve since bought most of Ontario, especially around the airport, where theyve scabbed and now control all the corporate logistics. Theyre now buying oil rich Alberta from the stupid old hippys.

  54. Yeah. those boomer faggits spread aids around in the 70s and 80s. So genX girls had to sew their legs shut in the 90s. thanks again boomer knobgobblers

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