You Want to Know why Mexico is So Messed Up?

I just left Walmart an hour ago with my bulk cereal and motor oil and as I was walking back to my car, I saw a few people standing around it. The view was obscured because there was an SUV in front of it. The people left before I got to my car, but when I looked at it, I noticed my back wheel was wet and a stream of yellow fluid running into the parking lot from my tire.

Some asshat mother just let her kid pee on my tire. There were restrooms all over the fucking place (most notably in Walmart from where the family had no doubt just come.

I ran after her and said, “Excuse me, excuse me!”

When she turned around I told her that was my car that your boy just pissed on and that was not acceptable behavior. She turned to her daughter for a translation because she couldn’t speak English or understand my reprimand. This isn’t fucking Mexico, lady. You can’t just piss on someone’s car anymore.

You want to know what’s wrong with Mexico? It’s the outrageous lack of property rights.

I was walking behind some other immigrants last year and one of them opened up some real unhealthy snack and just threw the wrapper on the sidewalk and just walked on. Have some respect motherfuckers!

Typical street in Mexico:

trashy corner in santa fe

This littering and pissing on others’ cars may seem like a minor problem. But it’s the root of all problems. When you don’t respect others’ property, that leads to socialism and the political mess they have down there. It leads to indiscriminate crime and corruption. It’s why they can’t have nice things.

Now, I’m not anti-immigrant. You can come here all you want, speak your language, whatever. Just respect my property rights you sick bastards. Or I will go loco and fuck your vato ass up.


6 responses to “You Want to Know why Mexico is So Messed Up?

  1. I’m from Mexico and I hear ya bro, down here there’s a serious lack of civil education; just the other day I was taking the bus and some idiot in front of me threw garbage out of the window, at other times I’ve seen people throwing cigarette filters on the street while being near a trash can. It’s like living with savages. I don’t think that’s the reason why Mexico is messed up but it is worth considering, a country starts with its people.

    However, that picture you got there is not a “typical street”, but it is a typical scene in “garbage spots”. Second, how do you know the family you encountered were actually from Mexico, and not Colombia, or another country?

    • THanks for the comment and the clarification on the garbage dump! I definitely wasn’t implying everywhere in Mexico looks like that, but I know many of the popular thoroughfares around TJ look like that.

      It’s true- I don’t know where they were from exactly. I think most of the immigrants in Cali are from Mexico so it’s a numbers game.

  2. Im all with ya there.. but white people do that shit too….ar work a man bought high heels and qent to the parking lot and pissed right ok someone’s car.. (as he was wearing the heels) js.. its a fucked up world all around …cant blame one race or the other.. even thoexocp os pretty fucked up lmao thats why I googled why it is and found this

  3. Not respecting property leads to socialism? What in the fuck?

    • That’s what I’d like to know. If you ask me, rantventrant’sa self-righteous cunt who thinks that he can get away with whatever he wants and acts like a spoiled brat whenever anyone pisses him off. No wonder he can’t grow any balls say any of his shit to anybody’s face.

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