Why Baby Boomers Suck!

Why do Baby Boomers suck? Let me count the ways!  First you have the feeling of entitlement where everyone thinks they deserves to eat their cake and then a slice of the other guy’s too.  Second is politics—everything is red or blue, Republican or Democrat, Left of Right and it doesn’t matter what’s right anymore. As a RVR reader says, they’re “hippy-crits”. I think that just about sums it up! Third is the corporate system in which millions of us have been shuffled in to and used and abused while our Baby Boomer middle managers make all the money for doing nothing.  The list goes on and on.

Here’s an excerpt from the book I put together, which includes cartoons, fast facts about the ugly generation, and little essays about why they suck. Enjoy!

There comes a time for every generation when they have gained enough knowledge of the world around them and of history in general that they realize that the things their parents did and stand for as a generation pretty much suck ass.

The new generation begins to feel capable of separating themselves from the previous generations and so it ‘moves out’ of their parents’ house to embark on their own adventure. It happened for the Baby Boomers in the 60s and 70s and for their parents in the 30s and 40s. It seems to be a natural step in growing up and every generation seems to go through it eventually. For those of us in the generations titled ‘X’ and ‘Y’, that time is now.
For better or worse, this departure usually comes with a general denunciation of everything that the previous generation did and stood for. That comes naturally for our generation because pretty much everything that the Baby Boomers did and stood for as a generation was worthless tripe.

Some may call this proclamation of separation a rebellion, but we like to keep the hysterical talk to a minimum (unlike our predecessors). This book is just a simple account of how The Baby Boomers have created a mess and how we younger generations are reacting to it. This generational divide looks a little different than those of the past, partly because of the immense amount of wealth and opportunity we have now as a culture (despite the efforts of the Baby Boomers), but also because of the character of the Baby Boomers. Our parents looked at revolution as a way of life- they’re not content unless they have something to revolt or protest against. That concept is ridiculous to us. Another striking dissimilarity between our form of rebellion and our parents’ is timing.

It has taken quite a bit longer for us to “rebel” than it took our parent’s generation to rebel. While we end-of-the-alphabet generations have finally become aware of our historical place by our mid-twenties and early thirties, the Baby Boomers knew everything about the world in the 1960s, when they were still teenagers. Sure, we disobeyed our parents when we were teenagers and we didn’t want to talk to them—every kid goes through that stage—but until now, we haven’t openly denounced them as a generation like they did in the 60s and 70s to their parents.

They rebelled by railing on the World War II Generation (or the Greatest Generation as many have labeled them), moving to San Francisco, fighting the power, and trying every drug known to man (and even some known only to frogs). We are rebelling from our parents by wearing jeans and a T-shirt to work, going to church, being politically incorrect, and writing and publishing books.

We, as a generation are finally coming to the realization that the world our parents created is seriously messed up. It’s a world where people are all doing the wrong things for all the right reasons and the right things for all the wrong reasons. It’s a world where there are two dominant political parties that both end up doing the exact same thing for the country: put it in deeper debt. It’s a world where we spend billions of dollars a year on Starbucks and Microsoft and then protest those multi-billion-dollar corporations’ dominance. It’s a world where to see a breast on national television is obscene, but the sexually violent dance leading up to the breast exposure is okay. It’s a pretty strange place the Baby Boomers have created and we feel it’s time to relieve them of their duties.

We are eager to start taking control–so eager, we’re not waiting in line like our parents did. My mom always says I “want everything NOW!” As if that’s a bad thing. Yes, I want everything now–and if I can’t get it now, I’m going to make it myself. Gone are the years of worshiping the physician. Gone are the years of walking on eggshells when someone around you may be offended. Gone are the years that created screaming secularism and silent spirituality. Gone are the years massive government without progress. Well, maybe not yet.
And so, we present this book in reflection of the world the Baby Boomers have given us. It is an ode to the generation about to retire and suck us dry (with all due respect).

Check it out and buy a copy or fifty:

Why Baby Boomers Suck 1

968 responses to “Why Baby Boomers Suck!

  1. my biggest regret as a boomer is we raised a generation of whiners

    • Baby Boomers are whiners too. Only most of their whining just sounds like another sanctimonious lecture on issues they know little about and care nothing about because it doesn’t suit their self-interest.

  2. The other day I was in a restaurant and a very rude group of obviously single baby boomers with road trip maps came in. They were incredibly rude to the owner and to my little family seated next to them. It was like seeing adolescents in dinosaur bodies.

  3. An acquaintance of mine (age 57) forwarded an email to me about how governments shouldn’t be spending money on social aid (welfare, old age security etc) but should be giving the money to the over 50 crowd (babyboomers) who are still working, so they can retire early and waste the money better. Another example of the Baby Boomer sense of “entitlement where everyone thinks they deserves to eat their cake and then a slice of the other guy’s too”; as opposed to the Millennials’ “the whole cake is for me” sense of entitlement.

  4. I have respect for cops & teachers. But the same GOVT BUREAUCRATS since 1968, doing what everyone and their dog has been educated to do, Now collecting old age pensions AND making it illegal to fire them…LAST STRAW

  5. that show got cancelled

  6. the name of all those picker/storage shows should be ‘Anyone can buy, Sellings the bitch’

  7. When the wall came down, the soviets immediately bought up British Columbia on the west coast of Canada, from the stupid lazy boomers. Theyve since bought most of Ontario, especially around the airport, where theyve scabbed and now control all the corporate logistics. Theyre now buying oil rich Alberta from the stupid old hippys.

  8. Yeah. those boomer faggits spread aids around in the 70s and 80s. So genX girls had to sew their legs shut in the 90s. thanks again boomer knobgobblers

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