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I Wonder if Philip Seymour Hoffman Killed Himself After Seeing How Bad Catching Fire Was

We all know that PSH died of a drug overdose, but I wonder if he did it intentionally after watching the second Hunger Games movie “Catching Fire” in which he played one of the lead roles.


The movie was bad. Real bad. If I had a big part in making that movie I would maybe consider taking enough drugs to forget that I did or possibly even ending it altogether like he did. It’s hard to believe that the same people created the second movie after the first was so good.

“Catching Fire” has great effects but the acting is sub-par, the plot is absolutely ridiculous, and there were more holes in it than Philip Seymour Hoffman’s arms.

The movie started off quick and I would have forgiven them for glossing over a few missing pieces in they had continued along the revolution storyline. But out of nowhere, the plot turns into this ridiculous burlesque of the first movie in which it’s replayed in its entirety substituting the dead people from the first movie with really weird new characters as contestants for the spontaneous Hunger Games with the winners. Just dumb.

I guess I’m mad only because there was so much potential with the first one and even in the beginning of the second but after the freaky girl strips for no reason in the elevator, the crazy monkeys walk away because they’re scared on the beach, and Peta keeps dying and coming back to life, I was just laughing. This wasn’t supposed to be a comedy, I don’t think.

1 of the sexy but stupid plot gimmicks in Catching Fire

1 of the sexy but stupid plot gimmicks in Catching Fire