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Why Social Justice Warriors Suck

What a bunch of assholes. Definitely parallels Why Millennials Suck!


Wish the Obamas a WTF 2012!

I clicked on a web ad with Obama’s fat face on it (just because I like making whoever created the ad pay for it). And what do I get? An ecard wishing the Obama’s a good 2012.

Isn’t that just sweet… NO! It’s fucking sick. This part-Orwellian propaganda/part-Family Ties episode makes me want to vomit. The Obamas steal our money and spend it on lavish trips to India and extravagant parties. Why the hell should we be wishing them a good 2012? Why don’t you wish us a happy 2012 instead of the other way around you arrogant motherfucker?

Who knows, maybe it’s just a good way to track all the pro-dictator names and emails so they will be ignored by the death squads after Obama’s reelection.

All I know is that if my tax money is being used for shit like this, we’re toast. There is no hope for us. Pack it in soldiers.


Jimmy Who?


Oftentimes, visitors to the information-Nazi haven Wikipedia are presented with a “personal appeal” from the founder Jimmy Wales.

Let’s disregard the fact that I have no interest in seeing the face of a guy who looks like he’s dropping an uncomfortable load off screen. Let’s pay attention to the big honking advertisement that occupies half of the screen. The point is to generate revenue from donations instead of relying on advertisements, so they put an annoying advertisement up instead. Makes a lot of sense, dickheads.

Why don’t you drop this pseudo-non-profit model and get with the 21st century. People like Ads and commercials now–they are funny, sexy, and (at least online) give us what we want through ingenious targeted content. You and NPR aren’t better because you have “non-profit” ads. And don’t act like NPR doesn’t have ads. “This segment is brought to you by the generous support of the John T. MacArthur Project and the Enowment of the Humanities” is a fucking advertisement. Don’t act like it isn’t.

So, Jimmy, get your ugly mug off the screen and give me this:

I recently happened upon this funny little cartoon attempting to show the hypocrisy of anti-government protesters:

Their point is, I’m guessing, that the lowly protesters are complaining about being taxed all the while, they’re surrounded by these great things for which their taxes are being used. The roads, the sidewalks, the streets signs. All these things government does and these idiots don’t even acknowledge that benevolence.

But there’s a problem with this argument: it’s completely fallacious.

Right off the bat, it’s not a level argument. The protesters are most likely protesting federal income tax and all the things pointed out in the cartoon are locally taxed and constructed. But aside from that…

First, it assumes that government is the only entity capable of producing roads, sidewalks, or street signs. In fact, go to any large shopping mall and you’ll see that that’s not the case—they have roads, sidewalks, and street signs, yet money isn’t stolen from people to produce it.

Second, it assumes that if these fools just realized what good was done with their tax dollars, they wouldn’t mind. But even if government does something good with the money it steals, that doesn’t legitimize the fact that they stole it. If I took $10 from you and gave you a sandwich, you may well enjoy the sandwich, but that doesn’t make it okay to steal the $10.

Third, this cartoon attempts to make the point that these people have no right to protest against an out of control government because they’re using its services to do it. That’s like saying a prisoner can’t protest his imprisonment because he’s using government services to do it.

Look, the prisoner is on a pathway paved by the government behind fences provided by the government with an escort of government officials. He has no right to complain. How ridiculous is that? It’s like someone stealing your house and making fun of you for crying fowl while you’re still in it.

It’s like these labor protestors—they’re using the store itself to protest the store. It’s the only way it can be done. The fool who mocks the tax protesters wants government to take your money and for you to shut up. There’s a word for that: fascism.

So, don’t let this apparent hypocrisy fool you. We have the right to protest the injustices of government lest the fascist take away that right too.


Civilization may just depend on it.

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