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Why Millennials Suck!

Over the years, I’ve dished out a fair amount to erudite (and otherwise) criticism of Baby Boomers. It’s fair, because hey, they suck. But who’s worse than Baby Boomers? Their destructively annoying, crybaby kids!

15 - 1

Millennials are a bunch of whiny, spoiled brats who are used to getting a prize for doing as little as farting and no one daring to come close to criticizing them about anything because they’re emotional terrorist toddlers in really expensive  distressed clothing. Oh, yeah, by the way, this whole article is a big fucking trigger warning.

What do you get when you plug a millennial in? A vacuum cleaner, cause they suck.

Who handles more balls than Kobe Bryant and sucks? Millennials.

What did the vampire say to the Millennial? No, you suck.

Millennials Suck. Here are some reasons:

They’re Oversensitive Assholes

I was first introduced to the suckiness of Millennials in my job a couple years ago. We had a coworker who would do decent work but every time someone offered suggestions, she would reject them and when our manager criticized her, she broke down and cried.

Now, the suckiness of Millennials is on display every day in the news. There isn’t a spot on the New York Times calendar that isn’t littered with headlines of some poor little Millennial bitch (male or female) who got their precious little feelings hurt. Now we need “safe places” in PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES where over-protected ass-hats can feel just as special as their false-loving mama did? They’re such gentle flowers that they think that the First Amendment—you know the one that protects the freedom of speech against motherfucking tyrants?—isn’t applicable anymore. According to these big babies, people don’t have the right to say something if it offends them. The fuck? This is PC culture on methamphetamines. These weak-ass mental pussies make Baby Boomers look good and that’s saying a lot.

The university used to be a place to challenge one’s views and learn about the world. Now it seems that it’s a big playpen for oversized toddlers with big-girl panties and skinny jeans. Dickheads that think it’s worse to offend someone than to shoot them. No wonder more people are doing the latter.


Their Infinite Gender Identifications

Millennials are the first generation to blatantly ignore the obvious biological differences between male and female and claim that your psychological interpretation or identification means more than reality. There’s a reason this shit was in the DSM—it’s a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER to think you’re another sex. Bruce Jenner isn’t a Millennial, granted, but no doubt all of his idiotic supporters are.

Ask a college student what gender they are and if he or she isn’t so offended they cry and run away, they may give you any number of fucked up answers. “I’m queer.” “I’m bisexual.” “Oh I identify as trans-jerry-ass-amphibian-fucker.” What a bunch of assholes.

You want to offend a college kid? Tell them that there is a difference between men and women. That’ll put them into a faggy-ass rage like you’ve never seen!


Basically, everyone but the rarest of exceptions has a XX or XY sex chromosome. That single designation from the two possibilities makes one a male or female. Males have penises and women have vaginas and can become pregnant. This basic physiological difference (and many others based on the chromosomal differences) are ignored by these mindless androgynous automaton Millennials. All these gender classifications are a figment of your disturbed psychology. Pick up a biology book you assholes!

They Have Absolutely No Clue About Economics

Imagine the most economically-illiterate human being on Earth. Now put them in charge of teaching economics to a bunch of these everyone-gets-a-star Millennial dickheads. That’s where they’ve learned economics. “We demand free birth control!” “Free university education!” “Free health care!” Do all these Marxist monkeys expect to work for free when they get done consuming all their free stuff? Of course not because that would be unfair! Fuck you suck-head.


Two Words: Miley Cyrus


This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are a lot of reasons why Millennials suck and I don’t have the time to document them. Here’s some more commentary: Generation Cry Baby

Millennials the Most Useless population – of course they think they’re God’s gift to the world and that’s a problem.


The Obama Cult

It’s disgusting to see polls that show Obama at roughly 47% approval rating. What the fuck are these people smoking? Can’t you see he is spending us into utter oblivion and stealing our liberties like Hitler’s bitch? Wake up!!

Obama Cult

Spit out the Kool-aid!!

If you don’t let us break your law, we’ll kill you

This is the most ridiculous trailer I’ve ever seen. First off, I know the actual plot in the movie is different, but the trailer makes it seem like there’s this crazy MFer out there whose position is: if you don’t let us break your law, we’ll kill you.

What a crock of shit. Yeah, that’s going to make a lot of people happy about illegals being here. First, go attempt to kill a senator, then steal his women and kill a bunch of other anti-illegal white people. Real good for race relations, dickhead.

Look, I’m all for immigration and the U.S. should liberalize its immigration laws. But was cannot do so before we get rid of the self-destructive welfare state that the wrong immigrants are coming here for. It’s broken and an influx of worthless immigrants would make it worse. Let them come here for the right reason: the rule of law, jobs (as if we have any of those left), and opportunity. Don’t let them come here to suck us dry through fucked up welfare programs that the majority of the people never wanted.

Arizona Protests…


4:50 p.m.: Groups of high school students still headed toward Capitol to join protest. Young students were a big push in protests today and earlier this week.

4:19 p.m.: The protest has largely calmed down now and many have left. It is entirely contained on the Capitol lawn.

3:39 p.m.: Supporters have pushed most protesters back onto the Capitol lawn and out of the street. Crowds have quieted. Riot police still standing by.

3:34 p.m: Riot broke out because a man stole an ice cream cart from a man selling ice cream to the crowds. Police arrested the man. People started screaming as the man was taken away and riot police are now at 17th Avenue and Adams monitoring the crowd. Supporters in yellow security shirts are telling crowd to move out of street, cars are trying to pass by. Crowd is being pushed back onto State Capitol lawn, riot police still standing by, not confronting crowd. [CORRECTION: Those in the yellow security shirts volunteered to keep the peace; aren’t supporting either side.]

3:31 p.m.: A protester was just arrested and another is being detained. People are yelling at the police leading the man away, throwing water bottles and shouting. On Adams and 17th Avenue, a fight has broken out. Riot police pushing crowds back and a human wall separating the groups has formed. Riots breaking out.

3:19 p.m.: Read compilation of leaders’ reactions to Brewer’s signing of SB 1070 here. (from

3:02 p.m.: Read the letter ASU President Michael Crow sent to Gov. Jan Brewer urging her not to sign SB 1070 here.

2:49 p.m.: Read Gov. Jan Brewer’s statement about the bill. Read her executive order about training for law enforcement for the bill.

2:31 p.m.: We have confirmed that no arrests have been made, according to several police officers at the scene. There were reports that a supporter of the bill had been arrested, but this is false.

2:27 p.m.: Shouting has died down. Human barrier is still pushing people away from the Capitol. Police officers are wearing clear masks over their faces, but they are not gas masks, which has been reported.

2:25 p.m.: Police have formed a barrier between Jefferson Street and the Capitol building. There have been no injuries. Crowd is becoming more peaceful, but water bottles are strewn across the street after being thrown.

2:20 p.m.: Violence broke out briefly after a supporter of the bill allegedly provoked protesters. Protesters began throwing water bottles at police officers as others screamed for peace. Protesters raised their fists in the air, holding ripped protesting signs.

People have formed a human barrier between supporters and protesters on the street. A protester is standing in the middle, holding a peace sign in the air.

Orlando Arenas from the human rights group Puente Movement leads  the crowd in chanting, "Si se puede!", among other statements  at the Capitol protest on Friday afternoon after Gov. Brewer signed SB  1070 into law. (MOLLY SMITH | THE STATE PRESS)Orlando Arenas from the human rights group Puente Movement leads the crowd in chanting, “Si se puede!”, among other statements at the Capitol protest on Friday afternoon after Gov. Brewer signed SB 1070 into law. (MOLLY SMITH | THE STATE PRESS)

2:12 p.m.: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Phoenix, tells 12 News she is working on a lawsuit against the bill. Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon tells 12 News the council will consider an item Tuesday to seek an injunction against the bill on constitutional grounds.

2:03 p.m.: Many student protesters are leaving Capitol with signs to march down Jefferson Street and circle the Capitol.

1:59 p.m.: Rep. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, tells 12 News “this is a great bill.” Kavanagh said many people across Arizona will sleep more safely after the bill goes into effect. There may be lawsuits, he said, but they will be frivolous. The suits are just threats to pressure Brewer, he says.

1:53 p.m.: Law doesn’t take effect for about 90 days.

According to 12 News, the American Civil Liberties Union has said it is going to sue. Chicanos por la Causa said today that this is the most hateful piece of legislation in Arizona history; Brewer spoke the group at a dinner last night in Phoenix, but left the stage early after chanting against the bill. She had committed to the dinner months ago.

Brewer is leaving the Arizona Department of Transportation headquarters where she made the announcement.

1:46 p.m.: Supporters of the bill have locked hands, separating themselves from the protesters, forming a human barrier between the two protesting areas.

Protesters are chanting “We have rights! We have rights!” over and over again. Supporters are responding, “No you don’t! No you don’t!”

Police have stepped in to separate the two groups for getting too close to each other.

Marcell Chavez, of Phoenix, wore both an American flag and a  Mexican flag to the rally to protest SB 1070, the immigration bill  signed by Gov. Brewer Friday afternoon. (MOLLY SMITH | THE STATE PRESS)Marcell Chavez, of Phoenix, wore both an American flag and a Mexican flag to the rally to protest SB 1070, the immigration bill signed by Gov. Brewer Friday afternoon. (MOLLY SMITH | THE STATE PRESS)

1:37 p.m.: Brewer announced she has signed SB 1070 into law. At the Capitol, protesters are booing, chanting “Shame on you.” Bill will take effect in 90 days after the current legislative sessions in the next several weeks.

Brewer said the law “protects every Arizona citizen.”

1:14 p.m.: The crowd has grown to thousands. There is a shrine of the Virgin Mary with candles on the edge of the caution tape, separating those who are protesting the bill from those who are supporting it. There are about 10 percent as many supporters as protesters.

A large group of protesters have made a circle around the shrine and are clapping their hands in a rhythm, chanting against the bill in Spanish. The crowd is made up of people of all races.

There are Latinos on the side supporting the bill also.

Brewer set to announce her decision in a press conference at the Arizona Department of Transportation momentarily.

12:38 p.m.: Protesters on both sides of the immigration issue took to the Arizona Capitol on Friday as Gov. Jan Brewer was set to announce her decision on SB 1070, a controversial bill that would require local police to enforce federal immigration law.

Hundreds of Arizona students, from elementary school through college, marched on the Capitol lawn urging Brewer to veto the bill. The governor has until midnight Saturday to make her decision, but said she will announce her decision at 1:30 p.m. today.

Several students held signs with Sparky the Sun Devil on them saying “Stop Arpaio, end 287(g),” referring to a federal law that allows local law enforcement to enforce immigration laws if they have proper training and certification.

Capitol Police gave caution tape to protesters in favor of SB 1070, allowing them to separate themselves from the much larger group of those opposed to the bill.

2010 census

really? did they really need to send me a letter confirming that they were going to send the form in a week? What kind of backward third-world waste of money is this?

From the National Taxpayer’s Union

If you’re worried about taxes going up, you must read this. We need your help!

President Obama & Co. are rushing to “do something” about the economy by pushing a government “stimulus bill” that would spend hundreds of billions of our tax dollars. They’re singing the same old “big government is here to help” tune.

Yet more government is likely to hurt — not help — our economy. After all, taxpayers will be stuck with the tab for this new spending, either now (through higher taxes) or later on (through higher debt).

It’s up to taxpaying Americans like you to tell Congress: “Quit digging us into a fiscal hole!”

Here’s must-read information on why we must — and how we can — stop this stimulus hoax.

What are we fighting against? Watch this YouTube video and then read this column.
The Democrats’ $550 billion spending bill is 334 pages long. Search it, read it, and comment on it here.
Find out why the Democrats’ spending plan won’t stimulate the economy.
There’s a better way to grow our economy: The Economic Recovery and Middle-Class Tax Relief Act.
Take action now: Tell Congress to stop the spending spree!
Congress is considering the stimulus bill right now. You must act today!

Government involved in corporate scandal? Big surprise!

Two months before IndyMac Bancorp collapsed in July, at a cost of $8.9 billion to taxpayers, a top federal banking regulator allowed the bank to backdate a capital infusion and gloss over its deepening problems, the Treasury Department’s independent investigator said Monday.