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Guns for Gays

Let me get this straight…

A psychopath Democrat Muslim extremist shoots up a gay nightclub, which happened to be a “gun-free zone,” full of people who no doubt just want to “Coexist” with everybody and expect that to appeal to Islamafascists, then Obama other Democrats call for stricter gun control measures so that people who had nothing to do with this are less equipped to defend themselves when something else like this happens in a country-wide “gun-free zone.”

Makes perfect sense.

How about more gays just start packing? I think I’ll start a charity Guns for Gays.


What Says “Sign Up For Stupid Government Crap” More than a Richard Simmons Dance Off?

I can’t believe this bullshit. The fucking lame ass morons in the HHS are so ridiculous that they hired a washed-up piece of shit to hock their broken-ass insurance fraud and they made you pay for this gay ass shit. OBAMACARE MAKES ME SICK! Warning: this video is intended for only the least mature, brainless fuckups in the world. If you’re not an immature, brainless fuckup, you may want to throw up after watching what your government is paying for in order to get you to pay for their broken piece of shit health scare system.

This bullshit is such bullshit. You people need to wake up.

Miley Sinks Faster than the Titanic

I hate helping to publicize such a public self-destruction but this is too good. After Miley Cyrus’s pornography on the MTV VMA Awards show, it’s clear where she got her inspiration:


hilarious: Achy Breaky Fart


The Obama Cult

It’s disgusting to see polls that show Obama at roughly 47% approval rating. What the fuck are these people smoking? Can’t you see he is spending us into utter oblivion and stealing our liberties like Hitler’s bitch? Wake up!!

Obama Cult

Spit out the Kool-aid!!

State of Race Relations

Slave to Slave Master is Not Progress.

Was Andrew Breitbart Assassinated?

Conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, an influential voice in U.S. Republican politics known for his attacks on liberals and Democrats, died unexpectedly of natural causes in Los Angeles early on Thursday, his family said. He was 43.

How is a 43-year-old going to up and die while walking around? Natural causes? Something’s fishy.

Reports say that Breitbart had heart problems and that he may have suffered a heart attack, but it’s hard to deny the questionable timing. The firebrand who helped bring down ACORN, Van Jones, and pervy U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner was poised to lead a media revolution against what he called the Industrial Media Complex. Talk about a target.

Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!  After his enlightening book “Righteous Indignation“, which unveiled Barack Obama’s Marxist formation and techniques, Breitbart just may have been a victim of a Soviet-style assassination.

And at last month’s CPAC, Breitbart explained how he was going to take Obama down in the 2012 election:

I have videos, this election we’re going to vet him. We are going to vet him from his college days to show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008.

The motive is clear for assassination, but how was it conducted? It could have been done any number of covert ways. That’s not for me to answer, but if you’re not asking questions, you’re not awake.

Update: it seems that this story is blowing up on the Internet, but I was the first that I knew to make this seemingly obvious observation.

Cigarette Pollution is not a Right

This guy is absolutely right about property rights. The government shouldn’t be allowed to force business owners to prohibit smoking on their premises, but he’s missing the more pertinent question. If non-smokers have the right to breath clean air on their property, shouldn’t they have the right to breath clean air on public property for which they’re forced to pay (e.g. parks, sidewalks)?

When do-gooders started banning smoke in bars and restaurants, they completely missed the philosophical boat. They should have been arguing for smoke bans in public places, not private places where a lot of people go.

The smoking argument is crucial for understanding freedom and I welcome all to read my post: Why Smokers Suck!