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Gotta Love Millennials Music Video

It’s no secret that Millennials suck. Here’s an ode to their suckiness:


I Wonder if Philip Seymour Hoffman Killed Himself After Seeing How Bad Catching Fire Was

We all know that PSH died of a drug overdose, but I wonder if he did it intentionally after watching the second Hunger Games movie “Catching Fire” in which he played one of the lead roles.


The movie was bad. Real bad. If I had a big part in making that movie I would maybe consider taking enough drugs to forget that I did or possibly even ending it altogether like he did. It’s hard to believe that the same people created the second movie after the first was so good.

“Catching Fire” has great effects but the acting is sub-par, the plot is absolutely ridiculous, and there were more holes in it than Philip Seymour Hoffman’s arms.

The movie started off quick and I would have forgiven them for glossing over a few missing pieces in they had continued along the revolution storyline. But out of nowhere, the plot turns into this ridiculous burlesque of the first movie in which it’s replayed in its entirety substituting the dead people from the first movie with really weird new characters as contestants for the spontaneous Hunger Games with the winners. Just dumb.

I guess I’m mad only because there was so much potential with the first one and even in the beginning of the second but after the freaky girl strips for no reason in the elevator, the crazy monkeys walk away because they’re scared on the beach, and Peta keeps dying and coming back to life, I was just laughing. This wasn’t supposed to be a comedy, I don’t think.

1 of the sexy but stupid plot gimmicks in Catching Fire

1 of the sexy but stupid plot gimmicks in Catching Fire

Miley Cyrus Goes Full On Prostitute

In her new music video, the daughter (yes, she’s someone’s daughter) of Billy Ray Cyrus turns into a complete prostitute. Twerking and fingering things with abandon. “It’s our party we can do what we want to.” This is a perfect example of freedom without responsibility. It’s what the United States has become and perfectly mirrors Rome before the fall. Have fun (if that’s what you call it) skank, it’s going to be a rough road ahead.

Miley's new look

About the New Miley Cyrus Look

You wonder what I think of that edgy new Miley Cyrus look? Well, it looks like a midget mated with Pink and farted on top of her head. What the hell? It also kinda looks like an albino penis that wasn’t circumcised. Good thing she doesn’t care what I think.

Miley's new look

New Financial Thriller: Chaos and Kingdom

His stuff is excellent. Hope you can check it out:

Imagine the charter city of Ur in which there are no taxes, no forced regulation, and no laws except one—harm no one. It would be a libertarian paradise—a productive, free-market utopia with no equal on Earth. But would it work? Would people behave or fall into a chaotic dog-eat-dog arena in which the strong would simply crush the weak? Jacob Tanner is about to find out. He will take his life-saving pharmaceutical company to Ur in order to escape an overbearing government bureaucracy. But just when Jacob’s drug company becomes profitable, he is confronted with financial dilemmas and a shocking truth about his industry and his business partners. He can prevent the deadly epidemic his drug treats, but in order to do so, he must overcome a corporate conspiracy that stands to profit from the disease. “Chaos and Kingdom” plunges the reader into the cutthroat world of the modern industrialist struggling to create a valuable product between the extremes of constrictive government regulation and unfettered capitalism.


It’s here — what you’ve all been waiting for!

If you have a dollar and want to laugh, you’ve come tot he right spot. Today, I introduce to you my new book: Sir Rantsalot: Or How I Learned to Laugh at a World that Sucks.

Sir Rantsalot: Or How I Learned to Laugh at a World that Sucks

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll make funny noises while you eat. Then you’ll read Sir Rantsalot and your whole world will change as you become inundated with brilliant ponderings on smokers, Baby Boomers, and of course, government. They all suck, and I’m just the guy to point that out.

Description of the book:

Finley Harrison, author of the controversial “Why Baby Boomers Suck! (No Offense Mom)” turns arrows of brash humor and no-excuses political philosophy toward such ills of society as obnoxious smokers, mindless drivers, and the inept U.S. government. In concise, witty, and thoughtful rants, Harrison obliterates the things of this world that suck, one by one.

**Warning: if you do not have a sense of humor or an IQ above room temperature, you will probably not enjoy this book, so save yourself the trouble. Otherwise, you will love “Sir Rantsalot” more than you think is possible.

New Flynn Thriller will rock your socks off!

I may or may not have had a vital role in this modern masterpiece of thrilling brilliance:

Working on his world-class investigative journalism, reporter Flynn Gunn is sidetracked by his similarly world-class libido. But when the latest object of Flynn’s insatiable desire for attractive women turns out to be involved in a dark and shady underworld, sparks begin to fly. Will Flynn be able to use his comic impersonation skills and his uncanny detective ability to get to the bottom of a mysterious murder or will he fall victim to a treacherous conspiracy? Payton Canard begins this exciting, sexy, and often funny series with this thrilling page-turner.

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