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Why Millennials Suck!

Over the years, I’ve dished out a fair amount to erudite (and otherwise) criticism of Baby Boomers. It’s fair, because hey, they suck. But who’s worse than Baby Boomers? Their destructively annoying, crybaby kids!

15 - 1

Millennials are a bunch of whiny, spoiled brats who are used to getting a prize for doing as little as farting and no one daring to come close to criticizing them about anything because they’re emotional terrorist toddlers in really expensive  distressed clothing. Oh, yeah, by the way, this whole article is a big fucking trigger warning.

What do you get when you plug a millennial in? A vacuum cleaner, cause they suck.

Who handles more balls than Kobe Bryant and sucks? Millennials.

What did the vampire say to the Millennial? No, you suck.

Millennials Suck. Here are some reasons:

They’re Oversensitive Assholes

I was first introduced to the suckiness of Millennials in my job a couple years ago. We had a coworker who would do decent work but every time someone offered suggestions, she would reject them and when our manager criticized her, she broke down and cried.

Now, the suckiness of Millennials is on display every day in the news. There isn’t a spot on the New York Times calendar that isn’t littered with headlines of some poor little Millennial bitch (male or female) who got their precious little feelings hurt. Now we need “safe places” in PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES where over-protected ass-hats can feel just as special as their false-loving mama did? They’re such gentle flowers that they think that the First Amendment—you know the one that protects the freedom of speech against motherfucking tyrants?—isn’t applicable anymore. According to these big babies, people don’t have the right to say something if it offends them. The fuck? This is PC culture on methamphetamines. These weak-ass mental pussies make Baby Boomers look good and that’s saying a lot.

The university used to be a place to challenge one’s views and learn about the world. Now it seems that it’s a big playpen for oversized toddlers with big-girl panties and skinny jeans. Dickheads that think it’s worse to offend someone than to shoot them. No wonder more people are doing the latter.


Their Infinite Gender Identifications

Millennials are the first generation to blatantly ignore the obvious biological differences between male and female and claim that your psychological interpretation or identification means more than reality. There’s a reason this shit was in the DSM—it’s a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER to think you’re another sex. Bruce Jenner isn’t a Millennial, granted, but no doubt all of his idiotic supporters are.

Ask a college student what gender they are and if he or she isn’t so offended they cry and run away, they may give you any number of fucked up answers. “I’m queer.” “I’m bisexual.” “Oh I identify as trans-jerry-ass-amphibian-fucker.” What a bunch of assholes.

You want to offend a college kid? Tell them that there is a difference between men and women. That’ll put them into a faggy-ass rage like you’ve never seen!


Basically, everyone but the rarest of exceptions has a XX or XY sex chromosome. That single designation from the two possibilities makes one a male or female. Males have penises and women have vaginas and can become pregnant. This basic physiological difference (and many others based on the chromosomal differences) are ignored by these mindless androgynous automaton Millennials. All these gender classifications are a figment of your disturbed psychology. Pick up a biology book you assholes!

They Have Absolutely No Clue About Economics

Imagine the most economically-illiterate human being on Earth. Now put them in charge of teaching economics to a bunch of these everyone-gets-a-star Millennial dickheads. That’s where they’ve learned economics. “We demand free birth control!” “Free university education!” “Free health care!” Do all these Marxist monkeys expect to work for free when they get done consuming all their free stuff? Of course not because that would be unfair! Fuck you suck-head.


Two Words: Miley Cyrus


This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are a lot of reasons why Millennials suck and I don’t have the time to document them. Here’s some more commentary: Generation Cry Baby

Millennials the Most Useless population – of course they think they’re God’s gift to the world and that’s a problem.


The Illogic of Hobby Lobby Haters

Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided that Hobby Lobby didn’t have to comply with a particular mandate in ACA (Obamacare) because it conflicted with the owners conscience.

Good. The Supreme Court got it right for once.


It seems pretty obvious but some people don’t understand. They think, for some bizarre reason, that it’s the obligation of an employer to pay for whatever they want in terms of medical services. This is in line with the statist ideology that sees employers strictly as evil, greedy monsters who only want to exploit the poor worker bees.

Well, I got a shocker for you: employers provide something just as valuable as the employee’s time and labor; it’s called wealth. The employer is giving the employee money to do whatever they are doing. It’s a simple trade and if it’s unfair, the employee can just work somewhere else. Statists are wrong when they think they can force employees to give more (as we’ve seen with the disastrous minimum wage).

But that doesn’t stop statists from pushing employers to give more for less return. Here’s a news flash, the more you force employers to give for the same stuff, the fewer employers (and jobs) you’re going to have. That’s why our labor force is sinking like the fucking Titanic.

Contraception is no different. If you make employers pay for contraception (and there is a cost), then you will have fewer employers. If Sally and Jane want to go off and be sluts, that’s their choice, but don’t make the employer pay for it!

What really makes me scratch my head is how people who profess to be libertarian push for less liberty in cases like the Hobby Lobby trial. They want employers to be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t interfere with that same right of employees… except when the employers are religious. In that case, what the employers want isn’t valid, so they need to violate their conscience and pay for whatever bullshit their employers demand.

The fuck?

The point of liberty is that it affects everyone, even people you disagree with. Freedom of speech doesn’t just apply to people you agree with. And freedom of conscience is the same. It doesn’t apply to only people you agree with.

You Want to Know why Mexico is So Messed Up?

I just left Walmart an hour ago with my bulk cereal and motor oil and as I was walking back to my car, I saw a few people standing around it. The view was obscured because there was an SUV in front of it. The people left before I got to my car, but when I looked at it, I noticed my back wheel was wet and a stream of yellow fluid running into the parking lot from my tire.

Some asshat mother just let her kid pee on my tire. There were restrooms all over the fucking place (most notably in Walmart from where the family had no doubt just come.

I ran after her and said, “Excuse me, excuse me!”

When she turned around I told her that was my car that your boy just pissed on and that was not acceptable behavior. She turned to her daughter for a translation because she couldn’t speak English or understand my reprimand. This isn’t fucking Mexico, lady. You can’t just piss on someone’s car anymore.

You want to know what’s wrong with Mexico? It’s the outrageous lack of property rights.

I was walking behind some other immigrants last year and one of them opened up some real unhealthy snack and just threw the wrapper on the sidewalk and just walked on. Have some respect motherfuckers!

Typical street in Mexico:

trashy corner in santa fe

This littering and pissing on others’ cars may seem like a minor problem. But it’s the root of all problems. When you don’t respect others’ property, that leads to socialism and the political mess they have down there. It leads to indiscriminate crime and corruption. It’s why they can’t have nice things.

Now, I’m not anti-immigrant. You can come here all you want, speak your language, whatever. Just respect my property rights you sick bastards. Or I will go loco and fuck your vato ass up.

You didn’t build that! I did.

Well, our Sociopath in Chief is at it again, claiming that the credit for business, ingenuity, and productivity (the lifeblood of the American economy since its inception) shouldn’t go to the businessman, the entrepreneur, or the worker, it should go to society as a fluffy generalization. In essence, individuals don’t get credit for great accomplishments, the government does. You didn’t build it, he did. It’s a fucked up socialist mentality and not too surprising coming from the fascist himself. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes already, but I thought I’d add my contribution to the discussion:

Here’s a list of “You didn’t build that” memes. Hilarity.

The Perfect GOP candidate

It seems that the Republicans are having trouble finding their perfect candidate. Every month seems to bring yet another frontrunner. First Perry, then Cain, and now Gingrich. Could it be that there isn’t a perfect candidate? Well, I decided to create one. So, if the party is serious and wants to get all Frankenstein on that ass- here it is.

Yes, I know- I realize that this is one ugly motherfucker. But it has tits, so that’s a bonus. And it can talk a hurricane into turning around and back it up with gumption. What’s more, this gob of GOP greatness would be the best president since Washington because it would follow the Constitution (thanks RP) and effect positive change in it too (like getting rid of the 16th Amendment and abolishing the IRS).

Notable omissions from my creation: Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. They have very little to offer. You might want to go with Romney’s hair over Perry’s but that’s about it.

So, Republicans, let’s get Frankenstein. Or, you can forget about the hair, the tits, the cojones, and the tongue, and you can just elect Ron Paul, the only candidate in our time who gets it.


Jimmy Who?


Oftentimes, visitors to the information-Nazi haven Wikipedia are presented with a “personal appeal” from the founder Jimmy Wales.

Let’s disregard the fact that I have no interest in seeing the face of a guy who looks like he’s dropping an uncomfortable load off screen. Let’s pay attention to the big honking advertisement that occupies half of the screen. The point is to generate revenue from donations instead of relying on advertisements, so they put an annoying advertisement up instead. Makes a lot of sense, dickheads.

Why don’t you drop this pseudo-non-profit model and get with the 21st century. People like Ads and commercials now–they are funny, sexy, and (at least online) give us what we want through ingenious targeted content. You and NPR aren’t better because you have “non-profit” ads. And don’t act like NPR doesn’t have ads. “This segment is brought to you by the generous support of the John T. MacArthur Project and the Enowment of the Humanities” is a fucking advertisement. Don’t act like it isn’t.

So, Jimmy, get your ugly mug off the screen and give me this:

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Suck

Aside from the defecating in public, raping, polluting horde that the Occupy Wall Street Movement has become, they still suck. Their central premise that capitalism is evil is misguided at best and dangerous to a free people at worst. This image makes that clear:

Here’s to you morons in New York and around the world: you suck!