Why Millennials Suck!

Over the years, I’ve dished out a fair amount to erudite (and otherwise) criticism of Baby Boomers. It’s fair, because hey, they suck. But who’s worse than Baby Boomers? Their destructively annoying, crybaby kids!

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Millennials are a bunch of whiny, spoiled brats who are used to getting a prize for doing as little as farting and no one daring to come close to criticizing them about anything because they’re emotional terrorist toddlers in really expensive  distressed clothing. Oh, yeah, by the way, this whole article is a big fucking trigger warning.

What do you get when you plug a millennial in? A vacuum cleaner, cause they suck.

Who handles more balls than Kobe Bryant and sucks? Millennials.

What did the vampire say to the Millennial? No, you suck.

Millennials Suck. Here are some reasons:

They’re Oversensitive Assholes

I was first introduced to the suckiness of Millennials in my job a couple years ago. We had a coworker who would do decent work but every time someone offered suggestions, she would reject them and when our manager criticized her, she broke down and cried.

Now, the suckiness of Millennials is on display every day in the news. There isn’t a spot on the New York Times calendar that isn’t littered with headlines of some poor little Millennial bitch (male or female) who got their precious little feelings hurt. Now we need “safe places” in PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES where over-protected ass-hats can feel just as special as their false-loving mama did? They’re such gentle flowers that they think that the First Amendment—you know the one that protects the freedom of speech against motherfucking tyrants?—isn’t applicable anymore. According to these big babies, people don’t have the right to say something if it offends them. The fuck? This is PC culture on methamphetamines. These weak-ass mental pussies make Baby Boomers look good and that’s saying a lot.

The university used to be a place to challenge one’s views and learn about the world. Now it seems that it’s a big playpen for oversized toddlers with big-girl panties and skinny jeans. Dickheads that think it’s worse to offend someone than to shoot them. No wonder more people are doing the latter.


Their Infinite Gender Identifications

Millennials are the first generation to blatantly ignore the obvious biological differences between male and female and claim that your psychological interpretation or identification means more than reality. There’s a reason this shit was in the DSM—it’s a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER to think you’re another sex. Bruce Jenner isn’t a Millennial, granted, but no doubt all of his idiotic supporters are.

Ask a college student what gender they are and if he or she isn’t so offended they cry and run away, they may give you any number of fucked up answers. “I’m queer.” “I’m bisexual.” “Oh I identify as trans-jerry-ass-amphibian-fucker.” What a bunch of assholes.

You want to offend a college kid? Tell them that there is a difference between men and women. That’ll put them into a faggy-ass rage like you’ve never seen!


Basically, everyone but the rarest of exceptions has a XX or XY sex chromosome. That single designation from the two possibilities makes one a male or female. Males have penises and women have vaginas and can become pregnant. This basic physiological difference (and many others based on the chromosomal differences) are ignored by these mindless androgynous automaton Millennials. All these gender classifications are a figment of your disturbed psychology. Pick up a biology book you assholes!

They Have Absolutely No Clue About Economics

Imagine the most economically-illiterate human being on Earth. Now put them in charge of teaching economics to a bunch of these everyone-gets-a-star Millennial dickheads. That’s where they’ve learned economics. “We demand free birth control!” “Free university education!” “Free health care!” Do all these Marxist monkeys expect to work for free when they get done consuming all their free stuff? Of course not because that would be unfair! Fuck you suck-head.


Two Words: Miley Cyrus


This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are a lot of reasons why Millennials suck and I don’t have the time to document them. Here’s some more commentary: Generation Cry Baby

Millennials the Most Useless population – of course they think they’re God’s gift to the world and that’s a problem.


157 responses to “Why Millennials Suck!

  1. Ah, another accurate rant. The millennials remind me that my beloved Edgar Allan Poe couldn’t conceive of the horrors they bring. They praise fatness, queerness, body mutilation, all the types of shit Amazon tribes used to do fucked right uppy on mushrooms ten thousand years ago. They write that horrible “new poetry” anarchy-style, cryptic, no-grammar drivel, put those pieces-o-shit online, then consider themselves a read, published, and accomplished literary genius. Fucking early Phoenicians, with their newly-made letters and scrambling them every which way until shit worked, did it better than these assholes. Everything they got is recycled from yesteryear, but they do it way the fuck worse than yesteryear, and won’t damned stop until every last person is annoyed to death. Generation X never paid much attention to the boomers nor millennials, and for God’s sake, the reasons are indeed plentiful. Go fuck with your smartphones and crash down my no-outlet, buy some more old grocery store kale, realize Gen X tried depopulation and there was never meant to be so fucking many of you, don’t fuckin’ breed please, let that be your main fookin’ issue on FB, and peace out ya nobodies.

  2. Justice Potter Stewart

    OK. Preach if I must. It must have been hard on you all Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, what with your elders enacting the Draconian concept of zero-tolerance discipline, kowtowing to political correctness, fighting your way through early adulthood in a slumping (if not downright hellish) economy, contemplating what ordered liberty is in light of religious extremists, being told in your childhood you can be anything you want to be, and then ultimately called names from afar when you didn’t live up to the collective expectations of others…oh, crap, wait, that sounds far more like what Millennials have had to deal with than you down-trodden latchkey miscreants. Gain some perspective, then talk to me. Remember that about the time we’re done paying for your Social Security checks and whatnot, the pyramid scam…I mean system will have gone belly up and we’ll be left holding the bag.

    So yeah, we get to be cry babies, or as I like to call them complaints about the mismanagement of this democratic nation. Its really our only defense to the shamelessness you negligently instilled in us. Thanks for constantly moving the goal posts. You’ve set a fine example of narcissism and materialism that would make the Romans blush. And now you want to pin it on us? Jesus. You have watered down social and political discourse into who can yell louder from the right or the left. The person who is right these days isn’t determined by logic or practicality…the person who is right these days is the person who has the largest mob behind them. Supposing we had something to say, you’ve left us with absolutely no forum in which reason or consideration have standing, unless we can gather up a substantial members of a mob. See the movie Kingdom of Heaven, and when they’re in the Court of Jerusalem you all are Guy de Lusignan shouting “God wills it!”

    Just remember…when you all are being sent off to the old-folks home, we’re the ones that get to pick where you go; so PLEASE keep lambasting all of us born 1982 or later. Also, thanks for AIDS and an unsustainable national debt. And while you’re at it, China is using economics as the newest form of stealth warfare…something wicked this way comes, I guess. No worries though, after you get done reminiscing about how cocaine used to be a “party drug,” we’ll still be here. Unless you all have the genius idea that we need to nuke Russia or something similar that leads you sending in my generation to fight and die for a cause that you’ve so efficiently corroded.

    I invite your well considered response in due course.

    PS: sorry I didn’t have any memes to post. I like to use my words rather than others’ ideas put into graphics,

    – everyone born after 1982

    • Don’t lump us in with the Baby Boomers you thoughtless thesaurus-humper. We got stuck with all the same bullshit from them that you did, but we didn’t cry for gay little ‘safe places’ like little emotional jagoffs. We took what was good from them and disrupted the hell out of everything else. You’re welcome.

    • picnic sandwich

      So, we got millenials(crack babies) who want millions of dollars to play on computers because Zuckerberg did. And we got boomers(hippies) expect everyone to pay them millions for a house because Zuckerberg did..Fuck zuck. Fuck hippies. Fuck their crack babies

      • Just saying, unless your like 80, your either a baby boomer or a millennial. Plus, Don’t you want a million dollars? Who doesn’t. And I know what you’re going to say, “But I don’t expect to get it like those dirty Millennials”, the truth is, neither do we. We just like to stay optimistic. And if you say it still won’t happen, my response is, not with that stupid-ass, pessimistic attitude.

        • Oh look, someone who’s whiny about pessimists. Well, get the hell over them! They’ll always exist no matter what. If they want to be pessimistic all they want, let ’em!

      • I may not like hippies. But at least, I don’t post the exact same that you post on here like the indecisive jerk you are.

    • Chewbacca the Rookie

      Here’s my well considered response: you’re a whiny cunt who came out of a cunt’s cunt. When you were born, the doctor said “holy shit! A little cunt coming out of that cunt’s cunt.” And the nurse said “im just glad that little cunt isn’t coming out of my cunt”. I like to use my words too you smart mouthed little nobody homo.

    • When you do something more productive than mentally masturbate in your parent’s basement and talk a bunch of shit online, let us know. We’ll vote you Mayor of The Universe and you can fix everything you stupid nobody twat.

      Fuck you.

      • That shit you posted is pretty old. Can’t you come up with something better? Oh wait. You can’t because you made a false assumption about a guy or gal who you know nothing about because you never met him or her in real life. Pathetic.

  3. Just saying, we, Millennials, are the most diverse generation ever. I think that either your scared of technology, in which case you shouldn’t be here, you fear\hate millennial because their success scares you (ie. there are millennial out there that have gotten millions of dollars, like Zuckerberg, just for making a simple application on the same internet that your stuck writing stupid blogs and reading stupid comments from your own kind. See? How do you like it when someone uses YOUR INTIER GENERATION TO BULLY YOU?), or you just following along on the insane trend of insisting that millennials are some sort of an inferior race. And it hurts.
    And shut up about you thinking that we didn’t have feelings.

    • In 2011 you should have occupied government wilderness like the Oregon protesters instead of city streets. The banks want you indebt paying them interest. And the city landlords are extorting you all making that happen. Trickle up to boomers economics

    • Chewbacca the Rookie

      And your generation is scared of correct grammar and spelling. 95% of you toolish Millenials will sit down and shut up when you hit 35 and realize your blog or website or stupid startup idea did NOT make you rich or famous. It just wasted your time. And everyone else’s who you managed to distract from actual work with you vaginal screams for attention. My message to Millenials: God called me on Skype and told me face to face…. the universe doesn’t give a shit you’re alive. Your parents and churches lied to you. Obama doesn’t care about you. People don’t care when you walk in a room. You don’t get rewarded for coming in 6th place. You’re basically terrible, self important little twerps who think tweets are complete thoughts and always use the same queer argument about how older people are “afraid of technology” or becoming obsolete when they disagree with your self righteous hippy bullshit. Do you have a mortgage? Did you pay down your debt? Nope and nope. You are too busy chasing pokemons and sucking Miley Cyrus’s skinny little heroine tits while she fucks justin beiber in the ass with a dildo shaped like your father’s cock.

    • Crapadoodle Hate Crime Vagina

      You are SUCH a pussy… jesus christ. Do you hear yourself? Get back in your safe space and never talk again.

    • You tell him, man!

  4. RedMatterRising

    You hit the nail on the head, and did so hilariously! Thanks for the grins.

  5. Homophobes suck

    Oh dear. You’re not very intelligent are you. That’s ok sweetie. Blogging isn’t for everyone. Maybe you should take an Angry Right Wing Manbaby Scrapbooking class.

  6. Right Wing Gen X Geriatrics Fucking Suck

    I know “irony” is probably a big word for you when you don’t have your dictionary and thesaurus in front of you, so I don’t expect you to understand the point I’m making, but writing an endless uninformed pissbaby tantrum about how “whiny” Millennials are is actually just about the whiniest thing you could do. It kind of sounds like you’re deeply offended and triggered by Millennials, and they make you retreat to the safe space of your blog (and yes, your blog is a safe space, something you would know if you actually had any fucking idea what safe spaces are. Maybe do a little bit of reading before you start ranting about something you don’t understand) to cry and scream about them like a toddler. There is nothing whinier and more annoying than a bunch of crusty old Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers circlejerking about how much they hate young people. Every generation of old useless fuckers thinks the “new generation” is bad. Years ago, Baby Boomers were writing shitty Op Ed pieces about YOUR generation, now you’re just doing the same shit to us. Pathetic and unoriginal. Your blog is a joke.

    • Chewbacca the Rookie

      Your Mom’s a joke. Knock knock…. who’s there….this dude’s mom… this dude’s mom who…. this dude’s mom whose horrible dirty snatch gave birth to the most pathetic piece of horse dick meat in the known universe known by his brilliant internet alias right wing gen x geriatrics fucking suck. You’re right. Those people do suck. The suck all the jobs and money and power right out from under your whiny little bitch tit sausage fingers as you masturbate to a picture of your sister from your parent’s basement while your uncle watches.

    • How ironic it is that you sank to this blogger’s level, you right winger-hating leftist bastard.

  7. This is the most biased arguement I’ve ever read. It sounds like it was written by the most butthurt baby boomer to ever live, upset because the newer generation doesn’t have the same struggles as they did. The entire arguement is childish honestly, it doesn’t even sound like the writer tried to be formal in any way. Plus, the logic is faulty from start to finish. Millennials don’t have it as easy as you think. While baby boomers could afford a university education, a house, and support a family off of a single income, we have to work full time jobs while in university just to stay out of debt. Nice straw man arguements there.

    • Education is practically free with the Internet. What you want is the university experience of living off your parent’s wealth to drink like a hippopotamus and become sexually schizophrenic while “learning” some bullshit in a major like Women’s Studies that will NEVER pay for the loan it took to get.

      • This might be the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. Please fuck off.

        • Chewbacca the Rookie

          Wow. I am glad you showed up…. ladies and gentlemen…. the authority on all things ever written by all humans everywhere in the past present and future…. tell us…. is it hard knowing everything? Did you just start today or was it a lifetime of practice sticking horse cock in your mouth while you fingered your baby brother’s asshole in the shower that lead you to be so smart?

          • Actually, he’s right. But since you’re to stupid to admit, just shut the hell up and shove that bullshit up your ass.

  8. Im a millennial and I agree. Its hilarious to watch as the others scatter and try to defend how fucking appropriate all their overtly sensitive bullshit is.

    If my generation can’t see how much of a slave they are not only to technology and how insane this “safe zone” bullshit. They will be in for a rude awakening in a couple years.

    I can’t wait for these people to get older, try to have a family, and fail even harder then they think everyone else before them did.

    Its not a cozy little world out there people. The world is a fucked up, hard place to live in. No one is going to protect you forever.

    Open your god damn eyes, take a look at the sky, and realize no one gives a shit what you think you are. No one gives a shit if you think you’re the pioneer of some crazy ass made up gender.

    All you’re doing is creating fodder for the next generation to laugh at. If they have any free thought left.

    • Chewbacca the Rookie

      Yup. The truth is like poetry. No one wants to hear it. Gnight all you raunchy Internet fags. Tomorrow’s a big day of playing xbox and eating hot pockets through your blistered, pock marked assholes. Happy trails and go fuck yourself.

      • picnic sandwich

        Did you just get out of prison for making child/donkey porn. Do you lick your grampa with that mouth? ?

        • Donkey Punch Revolution

          Yup. I dig up my dead grampa and lick him while I finger his rotten asshole on a rainy night in the cemetery. Necrophelic gerbil porn was what I sold… to orphans.. on crack. I also sold them the crack as I human trafficked them through the amazon rain forest with a picture of Hitler butt fucking Saddam Hussein on you mom’s pillow.

      • It’s ironic that you called those Internet folks raunchy when you were being raunchy. So let me give you a piece of advice: DON’T FUCKIN’ PASS JUDGMENT ONTO OTHERS WITHOUT TAKIN’ A GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!

    • Do you have any idea how much of a fuckin’ hypocrite you are?!

  9. Well, aren’t you a special snowflake.

    • “Special snowflake” is a term that’s used by hypocrites. And I can’t stand hypocrites.

    • On second thought, you can call the maker of this website all you want. It’s what he gets for being a no-life whiner and spoiled brat who can’t seem to handle whatever problems he has.

    • On second thought, you can call hi ma special snowflake all you want. It’s what he gets for being a whiny little bastard who can’t handle any problems.

  10. shut the fuck up. kids and college students have always complained, and since some get offended, you generalize the whole generation as “butthurt” fuck off.

  11. QueenForEverXXX

    Thanks so much for this article. From another Gen X, we’ve all heard enough complaints about how stupid the Baby Boomer generation is, but it’s really the Millennials that need to take a step off of there high horse and realize what a bunch of over sensitive cry babies they are.

    First off love your points about economics. These people think that we can just conjure up money and give them free whatever the fuck they want. Haha right, that’s what war is for. The second you show me a country that has managed to give it’s citizens free health care and free college and hasn’t collapse I’ll eat my words. You know, besides most of Europe.

    And your bit about safe spaces! Hell yes, these cry babies can suck it. Colleges are supposed to about engaging in discussion, not about just having everyone go pat each other on the back in the corner. I’m sure these people had absolutely no good reason to prote- oh wait, there were people drawing shit swastikas in Missouri on the walls. Well I’m sure that the 3-4 other instances of this happening where there was no good reason for it are totally indicative of how an entire generation feels and definitely not a radical group.

    Loved your piece too about how gays and trannies aren’t actually people. Not like there is any real science behind that! Haha- Oh wait there is science behind the reason for transgender and gay people and how the brain works and that it isn’t a choice. Well any guys going around talking about how the LGBT movement is just a bunch of babies would look like a real dick after reading all that huh. Fuck em anyway though, they should do what the gays of our generation did, keep it a secret until they either die of AIDS or hang themselves.

    And the best part about the entire article is how you continue to mention how millennial’s are the whiniest and most over sensitive generation of all time. Since not only did they create some of the best offensive materiel in history, with fostering internet culture around some crazy shit and 4chan for instance, but they also have a great reason to complain, given that any and all benefits of losing 20% of their income to taxes are about to vanish. In fact, the overly whiny generation seems to be you all, given you spend 90% of your time whining on facebook about how everyone only uses their phones and no one ever talks anymore. Maybe no one wants to talk to you because you’re such an arrogant dickhole.

    For fucks sake man, you run a wordpress blog, a fucking wordpress blog. Did you get your son to help you set this up, while bitching about how his games he download gave your computer viruses, even though you visit sketchy porn sites to provide some stimulation in your failing marriage.

    I swear to god if I see one more post about how Millenial’s should just suck it up and take their impending student loans up the ass I’m going to rip my own eyes out. OH WAIT, I shouldn’t swear to god, otherwise you might pass another law about fucking the constitution with Christianity up the ass and how you can now legally shoot blacks who say “yo” at you because you were scared for your life.

    PS: Great article fucked my boyfriend in the ass the entire time writing this comment and then went to go protest and a college and vote for Bernie Fuck You!

    • picnic sandwich

      Boomer gen-x gen-y millenials. I guess there’s no gen-x because that would be the end of the world. There’s fuckin idiots of all ages. In the old days if a town lost its main employer you get a ghost town. Today they send a towns employer to asia and Mexico, then dump people from asia and Mexico on the town. Then call the town racist. If you think this is good you’re a fuckin idiot. No matter your age

    • Typical Millennial- talks (writes) a lot, but doesn’t read.

    • Sounds to me that you’re no better than the guy or gal (most likely, guy) who created this blog.

  12. Music Defener

    God damn! That’s what I call E D G Y !

    • picnic sandwich

      One question. You little punks at the occupy protests in 2011. Why aren’t you there anymore? Did the boomer authorities tell you all to dress like peewee herman and sell all their houses to Mr Wong for millions

  13. dae le queen ?

    no one cares mate

  14. the music defener

    i go to the worst school in california, mcfadden intermideate. the kids here are just beaners with guys that are pretty boys and dumb idiot girls that act and dress like sluts and are really mean bullies.

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  17. Painful Rectal Itch

    OMG IKR LOL all of you suck homeless-guy-behind-Big Lot’s-dick I mean really if you’re a Millenial and you want to go into the wrong restroom at Target because you identify with another as-yet-undiscovered gender and come out burping sperm well then have a blast as for you wrinkled old fucks thanks for trashing things with your greed oh and stop spreading STDs with your gross old genitals it’s disgusting. All of you need to fuck off and piss up a rope.

  18. Subscribing to this feed just to get my weekly chuckles… and I must say, you, dear , are a freakin’ GENIUS! 😀

  19. Correction: My last post got stripped of it’s insert “you, dear ‘RANTVENTRANT,’ are a freakin’ GENIUS! 😀 “

  20. I was just “discharged” yesterday after one day’s worth of work – incited by a 23 year old millenial “boss” – the warning/red flags were numerous starting with an ageist question during the interview: “Would you have a problem working for a 23 year old?” My reply SHOULD have been, “As long as the 23 year old has no problem working with a seasoned professional with real work chops 🙂 ” In the end I was discharged for trying to clarify a very vague assignment in a series of emails and pointing out the contradictions in [their] response. The millenial in question ran to her boss complaining and had the boss discharge me. 🙂 Stereotypes exist for a reason and I have to say that many of them hold true with this generation. I was SELLING technology before some of these folks were born – so I have no fear of technology – but I do fear people who can’t get their faces out of a cell phone long enough to take some responsibility and actually try to work through situations. I think this is called “growth/learning.”

    • I just quit a shitty temp job because there’s 20 people doing 10 people’s jobs so hippy landlords can extort more $ and have no vacancies. Like every fkn job last 5 years. It’s dangerous. And the 20 people get paid half as much. They build condos everywhere and rent them to Syrians. Where the fk are people suppose to work to pay for them? The millenium magic money from computer blog likes is bullshit. Like survivor big brother the hippies want us to vote each other off

      • You, Sir, are full of shit.

        • You're a fag

          Enjoy your dads diarrhea and piss you fuckin faggit. Semen sucking bitch

          • Well, well, look who’s back to troll me like there’s no tomorrow. Do you jack off to me every day, dickhead? If trolling’s what you love doing, then why don’t you take a gun to your head and blow your damn brains out, you whiny, little, and shit-eating momma’s boy who can’t seem to grow the hell up?!

            • No you can’t suck my big dick you fuckin faggit. I just fucked your mother in the ass. Now go back to licking dog semen from your dad’s ass. Bitch

              • Still jackin’ off to me, dickwad? How about you go eat your mom’s pussy, especially since you are one?

  21. Thank God Trump is the president elect! If Killary had won, America would be a loss cause. This crybaby generation is going to learn a lot in the next four years. Maybe there still is hope for America and it’s future of butt-hurt crybabies.

  22. Although I’m not a fan of millennials, I find it ironic that you call them oversensitive assholes when you’re one of them.

  23. You know what, You’re a fag? You’re a no-life troll who has nothin’ better to do than post sexual bullshit online. Why the fuck do you care what people post here? It isn’t your website. So grow the fuck up and get on with your damn life!

  24. BarryHusseinDrump

    Drumpf is a pedophile who belongs in jail with Billary and Barry Osama. Thoughts? God Bless!

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  26. Awesome!!!!most millenials do suck:) I have worked my ass off my whole life, with a just suck it up attitude! !! They need to STOP handing out trophies to everyone! There are losers in life. Dust yourself off and try again!! Get off that narcissistic facebook and instagram, pick up the dam phone of meet someone face to face or write someone a letter! Wow what a concept.. go to a restaurant.. eat and talk to your partner and stop looking at your dam phone! I recently was on crutches for a broken leg….had a dam millenial not paying attention looking at her phone and slammed a door on me and almost took my other leg out going into a store!!

    All I could say was , what is wrong with you!

    Good luck millenials you were given a raw deal… your parents should have dropped you off in the middle of the Mohave desert
    In the middle of summer and told you to find your way home or die… maybe you would appreciate this life you are blessed to have and stop fretting over what you don’t have or should be given to you.. work hard and stop complaining!

    • When the millenium crackbabies get home from the desert it’s sold to tianimen square by their hippy cokehead parents. They got a Shiney new downsizing condo. Homeless milleniums dressed like pee wee Herman looking for more condos to sell. But there’s a ‘lack of inventory’ because tianimen square doesn’t sell

    • Why don’t you finger yourself like the cunt you are?

      • Why do you finger your asshole while trying to have gay sex with comments from 2007. Stupid faggit

        • How ironic it is that you called me a stupid faggot when you’re one yourself. Do you jack off to me whenever I post here? No wonder you have no life. Instead, you’re a whiny little baby who doesn’t know when to mind his damn business because he scours the Web lookin’ for victims to troll.

          If I’m you, I’d take a gun to my head and blow my brains out.

        • Also, I don’t reply to all comments from 2007.

          But you know what? You’re no better than me because you get all whiny when I post comments online even to ones that have been posted after 2007 yet come on this website and act like it’s all yours by makin’ false assumptions about me.

          WHY DON’T YOU JUST FUCKIN’ IGNORE ME?!! Whether you like it or not, there will always be folks who post whatever they want online no matter how old comments and sites are. So if you don’t anyone to troll the shit out of your further, DON’T FUCKIN’ PAY ATTENTION!!! After all, getting back at them will only encourage them to antagonize the crap out of your ass even more.

          • Quit crying bitch. Open wide. I’ll shit right down your throat. Wanton faggit

            • Oh I’m cryin’, dickwipe?! You’re the fuckin’ crybaby here ’cause all you care about is trollin’ me like there’s no tomorrow. How about I piss down your throat and tear your damn heart out?!

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