Social Farter

This is friggin hilarious and shows just how messed up smokers are. I’ve asked several monkey-brain asswipes who ask if it’s okay if they smoke if it’s okay if I fart in their fat face. This is an epic video presentation of that rhetorical question.


4 responses to “Social Farter

  1. this is rather absurd really..lumping all smokers into a category of … something I expect of a person that’s no doubt in his or her teens or early 20’s…immature.

    • You’re right. Only smokers who smoke where other people are and allow their death breath to infiltrate others’ lungs suck. BTW, way to sound all sophisticated when you defend an absolutely barbaric and sickening hobby!

      • Says the guy who’s no better than smokers. Honestly, if you hate them for what they do, then don’t be a jerk like them!

    • At least, people in their twenties are usually more mature than teenagers.

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