Miley Sinks Faster than the Titanic

I hate helping to publicize such a public self-destruction but this is too good. After Miley Cyrus’s pornography on the MTV VMA Awards show, it’s clear where she got her inspiration:


hilarious: Achy Breaky Fart



3 responses to “Miley Sinks Faster than the Titanic

  1. there’s something seriously wrong with this’girl’..she seems to think she’s still in high school attracting the jocks in the locker room.not just that,but she thinks she really is hot property.she’s like most Hollywood women.without makeup and a curling iron she’s plain looking.or worse.and she definitely does not have a body that I would consider anything but a 2 by 4 two bra cups attached at the top the top.when a person comes off with the actions that they’re a whole lot that they’re not ,it makes that person look silly.. absurd…way overconfident with no legitimate reason to be.this just mildly explains miley cyrus,she’s got a lotta problems and ‘splainin to do Looosy..period!

  2. and btw,carey looks great here

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