Miley Cyrus Goes Full On Prostitute

In her new music video, the daughter (yes, she’s someone’s daughter) of Billy Ray Cyrus turns into a complete prostitute. Twerking and fingering things with abandon. “It’s our party we can do what we want to.” This is a perfect example of freedom without responsibility. It’s what the United States has become and perfectly mirrors Rome before the fall. Have fun (if that’s what you call it) skank, it’s going to be a rough road ahead.

Miley's new look


2 responses to “Miley Cyrus Goes Full On Prostitute

  1. I agree..She’s a skank..Also..Unfortunately..I run into young people everyday that have no opposition to that kind of behavior.They don’t see anything wrong with it and believe that censorship has no place anywhere anytime.Isn’t it sad how society has changed and the downhill direction it slid ,in just the last 5 just the last two even.

    • Well I don’t think censorship is the solution. I think the market will provide for censorship if we allow it. If kids had to earn what they spend, they wouldn’t spend it on trash like Miley. Instead, kids have endless freedom and no responsibility. Get rid of the minimum wage and tell the kids to get a friggin job.

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