Democratic Convention Parody

This is hilarious. I don’t even know what he’s talking about but the character is classic.


4 responses to “Democratic Convention Parody

  1. the liberal media, and all tv stations, want overcrowded slums, with billions of people watching their commy made crap commercials all day

  2. dont know who the fk u r but u r low life, think bout just getting out of hi school and fkn gov throws ur ass in viet nam at 19.

    • Hong Kong invasion of '93

      I got out of business school with straight As at 22 and got thrown in a halfway house with murderers and junkies kickin in doors and swingin meat cleavers. No guards, just a slumlord from the nice side of town to pick up more getting out of jail.

      • in 2008, my job is given to arab scabs. So, nam boy, thats twice you boomys have tried to kill me off with your commy allies. Nothing would make me happier than to help wipe you and all 3 billion asians off the fuckin earth

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