The Obama Cult

It’s disgusting to see polls that show Obama at roughly 47% approval rating. What the fuck are these people smoking? Can’t you see he is spending us into utter oblivion and stealing our liberties like Hitler’s bitch? Wake up!!

Obama Cult

Spit out the Kool-aid!!


9 responses to “The Obama Cult

  1. Jeffrey hornbeam

    why get mad at him because we all know he doesn’t run shit Congress does no matter who the president is.

  2. Are you mental?

  3. Has nothing to do with Obama. He’s the one trying to look out for you. Blame the GOP led House of Reps that keeps blocking every fucking thing that he tries to do. Republican asshats voting to keep billionaire CEOs on top and you at the bottom sucking algae off the side of the tank just to survive.

    Are you paying attention? This is class warfare.

  4. That’s what he made you think. Scaring you to vote for him because the big bad mean rich people (he’s one of them by the way) are going to keep more of their money. Fuck that. Fuck Obama. Get off the Kool-aid.

  5. Obama will be happily content on his government health plan, paid by the taxpayers every year, never have to work another day in his life unless he for some reason wants to, and he’ll be surrounded by secret service, also paid with taxes, for the rest of his natural life. He can screw each and every one of us without giving a single damn. Obama should have been running the PTA at some prep school, not our country.

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