You didn’t build that! I did.

Well, our Sociopath in Chief is at it again, claiming that the credit for business, ingenuity, and productivity (the lifeblood of the American economy since its inception) shouldn’t go to the businessman, the entrepreneur, or the worker, it should go to society as a fluffy generalization. In essence, individuals don’t get credit for great accomplishments, the government does. You didn’t build it, he did. It’s a fucked up socialist mentality and not too surprising coming from the fascist himself. I’m sure you’ve seen the memes already, but I thought I’d add my contribution to the discussion:

Here’s a list of “You didn’t build that” memes. Hilarity.


2 responses to “You didn’t build that! I did.

  1. Actually, to some extent, it is kinda true.

    Obama is speaking from decades of personal experience, he haven´t risen to his presidency on any actual merit and inspiration, he built none of it. He is a puppet that was hyped upp only because he was seen as black by white guilt morons, by “african-americans” those racism never was called out by those same white guilt morons.

    The western realm is controled by the baby boomers right now, way too many businesses doesn´t rely on inventivity and productivity, that is why deindustrialization occured, why the 2008 crisis happened and why there really haven´t been a recovery since then.
    Decades of inflation is due to HANDOUTS “loans” to feed a raging, worldwide maelstrom of cronyism and neopotism, at the expense of those companies and individuals that does contribute to a (formerly) modern society.

    But don´t worry, they may all hear the Song of Kali, just like Eugene Rudy did, meeting a juste and deserved punishement in the process.

  2. picnic sandwich

    De industrialization happened because the boomers decided to fill north america with asian commy crap, and their own precious 1980s crack babies are too good to work in manufacturing, or farming, or anything usefull

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