The Worst Smell?

I just took a dump in a public bathroom. The smell wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t detestable (even accounting for my own personal bias toward my own rank smells). Someone had come in while I was on the can and washed his hands and when I finished my business, I went to wash my hands and was presented with the most disgusting smell in the bathroom: that of lingering cigarette smoke that had been expelled by the thoughtless fuck who has beat me to that particular point in space.

I suppose one should expect fowl smells in the bathroom, but they should be coming from assholes, not mouth holes. And these smoking faggots don’t even have a clue that their breath smells worse than my dump. What is their problem?

Maybe someone should invent a bidet for smokers’ fat faces after they inhale their shit. Perhaps the cigarette mouth bidet could also give these idiots a brain transplant. I’m Brilliant.


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