Was Andrew Breitbart Assassinated?

I asked that question after I heard that the outspoken political commentator died suddenly at the age of 43 (43!). But rumors were quickly swept away as conspiracy nonsense. But evidently the coroner for Breitbart, Michael Cormier, died just hours after Breitbart’s autopsy was released. Okay… coincidences happen. But Cormier died of arsenic poisoning. What the Fuck? Who the hell dies from arsenic poisoning that isn’t in the ’40s or on some Mafia hit list? Is this some twisted Film Noir shit that we’re watching unfold?

Now the lone eye-witness to Breitbart’s collapse has disappeared. This is starting to look like a random coincidence of all these events would be less believable than a tax cut from Barack Motherfucking Obama.

Are we witnesses to a modern gestapo or Soviet-styled assassination? If we as a nation could collectively grab our balls and investigate this shit, maybe we’ll find out.


5 responses to “Was Andrew Breitbart Assassinated?

  1. Bill Ayers and Jimmy Hoffa shot him from a grassy knoll when he learned the truth about UN Resolution 666.

  2. Funny thing about conspiracy theories… some are actually right. And then you look like an asshole.

  3. Theres millions of FINANCIAL CONSPIRACIES all the time. And if you beleive the kennedy kill shot wasnt from the front, your a bigger half-wit then any theorist out there… They proved to me they DID land on the moon, and el queida did smash planes into buildings, INCLUDING the pentagon, and the cornerstone was basically knocked out of tower7 by the other buildings, so it had to be brought down quickly in a controlled, evacuated demolition. So, theres 2 pro conspiracy theories, 2 against.

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