Wish the Obamas a WTF 2012!

I clicked on a web ad with Obama’s fat face on it (just because I like making whoever created the ad pay for it). And what do I get? An ecard wishing the Obama’s a good 2012.

Isn’t that just sweet… NO! It’s fucking sick. This part-Orwellian propaganda/part-Family Ties episode makes me want to vomit. The Obamas steal our money and spend it on lavish trips to India and extravagant parties. Why the hell should we be wishing them a good 2012? Why don’t you wish us a happy 2012 instead of the other way around you arrogant motherfucker?

Who knows, maybe it’s just a good way to track all the pro-dictator names and emails so they will be ignored by the death squads after Obama’s reelection.

All I know is that if my tax money is being used for shit like this, we’re toast. There is no hope for us. Pack it in soldiers.



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