Occupy Wall Street Protesters Suck

Aside from the defecating in public, raping, polluting horde that the Occupy Wall Street Movement has become, they still suck. Their central premise that capitalism is evil is misguided at best and dangerous to a free people at worst. This image makes that clear:

Here’s to you morons in New York and around the world: you suck!


16 responses to “Occupy Wall Street Protesters Suck

  1. One could deem an urban area as pollution. One could deem a culture based on greed as “evil”. One could say everyone is raping future generations in many ways.

    Listen and listen full well. With artificial photosynthesis, in vitro meat, and many other technologies, massive change is coming.

    Protesting against the corporations, which in fact is protesting against the gov’t, is the perfect way to voice an opinion for a total transformation of this culture. In order to get people to see a far better world, one doesn’t remain silent and let others have their way with you. It is always a two-way street whether you like it or not.

    Every one of those protestors are a genius by definition, and that cannot be argued.

    Tell me what great thing you’ve done for changing things for the betterment of humanity? Whatever it is, it doesn’t come anywhere near close to this.

  2. “Every one of those protestors are a genius by definition, and that cannot be argued.”

    hahahaha- wtf?

    I’m interested in your perspective– you say that protesting corporations are like protesting government. I definitely see the connection, but could you elaborate? It’s illegal for anyone to harm someone (including those in corporations) unless that person is in the government.

    As for bettering humanity? I’m just trying to drop knowledge on people in an entertaining way. Knowledge > Destruction.

  3. We are the market place, and the govt we elect makes the rules for our marketplace. The corporations are only accountable to the shareholders, so its our govt who needs to make the corps hire enough people, or get outta the market.

  4. The marketplace needs 1 rule: don’t harm others (force them to do something against their will). If the government can enforce that rule, we don’t need Dodd-Frank, we don’t need Sarbanes-Oxley or any other hyphenated bullshit. Yes, get out of the market! That means no subsidies to connected companies, no regulation, and for God’s sake, NO more BAILOUTS!!

  5. You cant have the company with the biggest machine just eat all the resources for the fewest number of shareholders. Its govts to stop that.

  6. THere has never been a monopoly on any commodity or even product outside of government. You cannot force people to buy your thing without government decree.

  7. Jesus basically said money has ceasars picture on it, so give it to Ceasar. But then again, Jesus got money from a fishes mouth.

  8. Way to change the topic. Jesus said give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar, but that begs the question what really belongs to Caesar? Does Caesar own my time or my effort or my intellectual property? No.

  9. Atleast Jesus didnt have to pay rent to caesar. DONT PAY RENT NOV 1st.

  10. wall street..those who can,do. those who cant,occupy

  11. those who cant occupy pooh their pants.

  12. The ‘1 percent’ slogan was no doubt invented by an entitled babyboomer. The protesters need a breif lesson in demographics. The problem is not the few at the top of the success meter. Its the many at the top of the seniority meter.

  13. good point. I prefer to be recognized as part of the 100%.

  14. okay BABYboomer zombies, keep doing your CHINA PSYCHO CIRCLE ECONOMY. Keep giving our money and jobs to tianimen square, and bringin them here to take the rest, so you zombie landlords can suck more money from us. This should totally backfire in your zombie faces by…DEC 21st


    When they say “invest in china”, that means they ship your money to tianimen square, and they ship back garbage that your supposed to buy and take to the dump

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