Smoking Parents Suck

Yes, you’re seeing correctly. That’s a fucking idiot mother coddling a newborn while simultaneously puffing on a cancer stick. Did she hold off for 9 months while the baby was in her womb? Does it matter? The poor little bastard is addicted to nicotine now. He doesn’t have a chance. What a disgusting, toothless monstrosity this mother is. If I had any guts I would have given her a piece of my mind and taken the little baby. So sad.

And oh yeah, I’m probably paying for this dumb broad’s health care thanks to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Fuck all that. I quit.


2 responses to “Smoking Parents Suck

  1. Oh yes!!!!!!! and let me add that behind every moron, behind every stupid idiot and every killer there’s a …MOTHER!!!!!!! WHO RAISED HIM/HER!!!
    I’m a mother too, but I asked my son to tell me everything he hated about me when he was a child. And he did, and I learned through the years thanks to my only true teacher, my little boy!

  2. You want to stop smokers? Then quit being like them!

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