New Financial Thriller: Chaos and Kingdom

His stuff is excellent. Hope you can check it out:

Imagine the charter city of Ur in which there are no taxes, no forced regulation, and no laws except one—harm no one. It would be a libertarian paradise—a productive, free-market utopia with no equal on Earth. But would it work? Would people behave or fall into a chaotic dog-eat-dog arena in which the strong would simply crush the weak? Jacob Tanner is about to find out. He will take his life-saving pharmaceutical company to Ur in order to escape an overbearing government bureaucracy. But just when Jacob’s drug company becomes profitable, he is confronted with financial dilemmas and a shocking truth about his industry and his business partners. He can prevent the deadly epidemic his drug treats, but in order to do so, he must overcome a corporate conspiracy that stands to profit from the disease. “Chaos and Kingdom” plunges the reader into the cutthroat world of the modern industrialist struggling to create a valuable product between the extremes of constrictive government regulation and unfettered capitalism.



5 responses to “New Financial Thriller: Chaos and Kingdom

  1. The idea of this book is not of genius. In fact, the reality of it affects millions every day in the real world. People do not want to read about non fiction when they are supposed to be reading fiction. If this author cared about making a name for itself, it would create an actual high fantasy novel for adults and use an ounce of imagination in that tiny little pea brain of its. Unfettered capitalism….it’s socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor, by design. There would never, ever, ever be unfettered capitalism for this reason. What a ridiculous book, written by a mind even lowly for a grade schooler.

  2. You’ve contradicted yourself you anonymous roach. You say you want a novel with actual high fantasy, and yet you condemn this book for having something what would never, ever, ever happen. Maybe it’s something that has a high degree of fantasy? Kinda makes me want to call you a “dickhead.”

    Why don’t you read it before you make an assumption anyway? The book is based on a hypothetical—a complete free market—that I enjoy seeing played out. You can go fuck yourself if you don’t. I could give a shit.

    I’m glad you agree with me about Baby Boomers though.

  3. The war vets subsidized the boomers up til 1992. Gen-x and the immigrunts have subsidized them since, paying them huge rent and raising demand for their houses bought cheapley in the ’80s, all while working for their temp agencies and contributing to pension funds that will be gobbled up by these ex-hippy boomers. So, maybe us gen-xers should have unfettered capitalism, only paying for ourselves and the police and teachers in our own communities, while the retiring hippo boomers and their baby hippo kids pay off their national debts and pensions.

    • P.S. Im not a tree-hugger, but shouldnt we stop these filthy fuckin hippos from spraying rock-breaking chemicals into about a third of north americas ground water. If you dont know what im talkin about, google ‘FRACKING’.

  4. You don’t need to be a tree hugger to realize that harm to a shared environment is a violation of natural rights. Thanks for the post

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