TSA: New Standard of Tyranny

I guess Obama made good on his promise to create a civilian security force as strong and powerful as the military. The TSA, derided recently for outrageously  demeaning and unconstitutional body searches, is now expanding its authority to bus stops and other non-airports.

The American Thinker reports:

Bus travelers were shocked when jackbooted TSA officers in black SWAT-style uniforms descended unannounced upon the Tampa Greyhound bus station in April with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and federal bureaucrats in tow.

The article goes on to quote a TSA agent:

The purpose was to “have a visible presence and let people know we’re out here,” Michael Cleveland, federal security director for TSA operations in West Virginia told the Gazette. “It can be a deterrent.”

Later that day, the TSA changed its logo to this:

Can you say what the fuck? Or at least WTF?

Not only do we have to put up with some bullshit at the airport—perverts fondling little kids and elderly women’s sagging boobs, now we have to put up with raids on buses and who the hell knows what else. Why? So that people know “we’re out here.”

Fuck you TSA Nazis. This is not 1920s Germany. You can suck it next time you’re down there fondling my junk. You have no authority.

It used to be funny as these TSA slogans attest, now it’s just scary.

Wake up America!

“If you shift to your left a bit, I think I can grab last night’s dinner.”

“Wow! Are these real?”


One response to “TSA: New Standard of Tyranny

  1. You, blogger, are just as much of a tyrant yourself, especially since you’re a big fat asshole. So fuck off and die!

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