INHO, shut the hell up

You may not have noticed it when you’re in your pseudo-intelligent conversation with dipshits wearing thick rimmed glasses and berets, but every comment or statement in conversations like that is qualified with a “in my humble opinion,” “I’m just saying,”  or “to me, I feel….”

I just saw an example on iTunes where a customer posted this review for an idiotic movie clip:

i have read the description and seen the clip; it sounds interesting and looks cook but that is just my opinion.

Really? What you’re saying is your opinion? It’s really what you think? Because I thought you were telling me how I felt or that hipster on the other side of the Starbucks sticking the seat of his fixie bike up his asshole. No kidding it’s your opinion. YOU ARE SAYING IT! I’m not a fuck. I can understand that words coming out of your lipless mouth are YOUR OPINIONS. You don’t need to waste my time with your qualifications.

The qualifications are most certainly a residual effect from the PC-azation of the country. You can have your opinion, but you can’t force it on others and if you express your opinion (oh the secular stars above forbid), make sure that the people you talk to know that you’re not telling them how THEY feel, but how YOU feel. And make sure you say that it’s just a feeling, because there’s no such thing as an objective truth anymore, just feelings. As a matter of fact, why don’t you just go jump off that cliff because you’re worthless.

Give me a break! In my humble opinion, shut the hell up! First of all, grab your balls and get a position that you can believe in and tell it to me without qualification or don’t fucking open your face. If I ask you where you got your stupid ass opinion, be prepared to explain that and don’t give the “IDK, I just feel it” crap. That’s as useless as bureaucrat in a firefight.

Oh, yeah, and another one: “I’m not gonna lie…” Well aren’t you pointlessly and unabashedly moral. First off, is the default from you actually lying, you lousy sack of deceit? Do you have to tell people when you’re NOT going to lie. No, you’re just prefacing a bold statement, like, “I’m not going to lie, I liked grinding up against smelly fat people on the dance floor last night.” Well, thanks for not lying, but maybe you should just keep your truthful mouth shut. Especially when you have to say “I’m not going to lie” every other sentence, perhaps there’s a problem with your life?

I’m just saying.


2 responses to “INHO, shut the hell up

  1. “in my humble opinion,”

    Its nothing but a polite prefex. A polite inflection.

    Politeness. Ever heard of that?

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