Smokers are idiots

Okay, so some smokers try to be considerate and move thirty feet away from the crowd when they light up their shit sticks. But just because they’re considerate doesn’t make them any smarter. I was at a public park watching a play the other day and some dickheads think “what better time to inhale evil fumes with nicotine?” so they walk thirty feet away and light up. Little to they realize but their shit clouds of exhaust travel and in this case, those clouds traveled downwind to everyone they just walked away from. They probably would have annoyed fewer people if they had just stayed where they were in the first place.

Smokers: I appreciate your trying to be considerate, but do us a fucking favor, try to observe where your clouds of death are going. You could avoid annoying hundreds of people if you just pulled your thumb out of your ass and checked which way the wind was blowing.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Sir Rantsalot.


30 responses to “Smokers are idiots

  1. Christian von Delius

    I agree- There do not seem to be many meteorologists in the toxic fume crowd.

  2. You two geniuses ought to consider what welders breathe in, countless other occupations, there’s smog, and a whole myriad of other things in the air that you refuse to acknowledge just because you cannot see them with your own two insignificant little eyes. How about considering the 15,000 chemicals that exist and were never tested? Perhaps you could step outside of your two square foot world and take hold of a little realization before you decide to scrutinize the single-most hardest habit/addiction to break in existence. Perhaps you could do a little bit of exercise for once in your obese lives and eat foods like watercress buds that actually eliminate carcinogens. If you do not, then you are the one that is being detrimental. While many of those things I listed are virtually unavoidable, smokers can be.

    • Are you making this up or are you really this stupid, smoker? Yes, there are lots of bad things in the world—maybe even 15,000 chemicals that exist and were never tested (wtf?), but that doesn’t make smoking good. Didn’t your mommy ever teach you that two wrongs don’t make a right before she left your ass to fend for yourself on the side of the train tracks when you were 5? True, smoking must be very difficult to quit. Does that mean you need to make non-smokers suffer while you crush your hopeless efforts? No, get away from my nostrils dickless.

  3. Christian von Delius

    First, let me say I smoked for a few years back when I was stupid. So it CAN be cured.

    I just cannot believe how stupid smokers are. THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

    And that is all it is, is excuses. Stop making excuses and QUIT.

    Here is a suggestion: when you go to the store, DON”T BUY TOBACCO.

    Buy something else.

    The single worst thing about smokers, is they eject their evil into everyone else’s space,

    and then go away and/or don’t care where their toxic waste drifts, lingers or saturates.

    THEY DON’T CARE…Their primary mode of thought. Evil stupidity.

    When you decide to stop being stupid, the world will be a better place for everyone.

    Think about that next time you are standing around and look at the ground and

    see a cigarette butt.


    • Love it- “Here is a suggestion: when you go to the store, DON”T BUY TOBACCO.” Classic.

      True- no one’s perfect. I’ve made mistakes and done stupid things in the past, but I try to admit it and I definitely don’t go flaunting my mistakes in the face of people who haven’t made those mistakes. Smokers do, and that’s a problem!

    • I’ll be darned. Another anti-smoker here.

  4. Store employees who smoke in front of their store, now that is stupid.
    The Oreilly’s Auto Parts in Snohomish, wa is right next too a 24/7 Post office. I have complained numerous times. Just the other day an employee who knows me saw me coming to get my mail, and my tyhe time I left my box, he was out their smoking away. ANd the smoke alwasy flows toward the post office. IDIOTS

  5. u people made my day!
    thanku u

  6. Why do you Americans pick now to get free healthcare ? Because the ageing boomerpigs squeel and get whatever they whine for. Sure, blame a fat 20 yr old smoker. Thats what the boomerpigs do. Do you think that 20 yr old will still have free healthcare when shes 65 like the boomerhogs are now ? If you do, then you have dogshit for brains.

  7. you’re right, I also require morbidly obese people to move 30 feet away from me so i don’t have to look at their ugliness. Oh and homeless people, they stink, and that annoys me, they should steer clear so I can enjoy my god-given right to breath fresh air.

    • I understand your pissed. Asians breed like rats, and most of that big continent is still sparsely populated because theyre too lazy & stupid to develop it themselves, so the zombie generation brings them here to scab all industries and pack us all into ghettos to pay them more rent/mortgages. BUT, if your this intolerent of other humans and require so much space, then do what you gotta do to aquire your breathing room. Youve got cheap land in new mexico or alaska

      • Fuck you and your racism, bigot!

      • And another thing: you’re not a puritan at all. Instead, you’re a really closed-minded bastard who thinks that he’s better than everyone who’s different from him in general. Well, I don’t think that other Puritans would want anything to do with you since you’re an extremely biased asshole. Hell, they might want to fry your ass.


    I would be fine with smokers if they DIDN’T FUCKING EJECT THEIR NASTY ASSS HABIT INTO MY F**CKIN MOUTH. Secondhand smoke contains more carcinogens than firsthand smoke, and I personally don’t want to get cancer thank you very much. You can take your disgusting piss pipes of shit and smoke them in YOUR FUCKIN HOUSE with ALL THE WINDOWS CLOSED BITCH.


    SMOKERS ARE ADDICTED. And I hate addicts. It just shows that they have such a puny will that they succumb to such a stupid desire. I mean, I can understand if someone’s depressed, but still, they should GET OFF THE FUCKIN THING ONCE THEY’RE HAPPY.


    The concept is so dumb it makes me want to just scream. WHAT IS THE LOGIC IN SMOKING TOXIC STUFF AND INHALING IT AND SPREADING THE EVIL?!?!?! SERIOUSLY!!!! JUST FUCK OFF.


    IT SHOULD BE BANNED. Smoking not only harms the smoker, it causes litter, violates people’s rights to good health and CLEAN FUCKIN AIR. It makes you disgusting. I just look with supreme disdain at ANY frickin smoker because they just are so inconsiderate, ignorant, and selfish. Their desire for a DUMBASS HABIT is preventing the PUBLIC from getting decent air, and is making TAXPAYER DOLLARS GO UP JUST FOR INSURANCE. SO MANY PEOPLE DIE OF SMOKING. JUST PLEASE FUCKING BAN IT.




    ill fuck off and die sooner, thanks to cigarettes. meanwhile, dont aim your commy radiation phones at me while twitting as you drive worse then drunks. thanks

  10. anyone on disability $ should not be allowed to smoke …..using my $ for their dumb habit that is the reason most likely they are on disability

  11. I think they should have a ‘slap a smoker’ day. That might give them some motivation to quit since their puny little pee brains can’t manage to summon any. Where I live a packet of cigarettes costs $20 and they are talking about putting it up to $40. Only a complete moron would pay that much to commit slow suicide, but some still will. As I tell every smoker I see ‘if you want to commit suicide, do us all a favour and go jump off a cliff instead of cursing us all with your yellow teeth and tobacco stink for the next 20-40 years’. I literally want to gag everytime I see my neighbour smoking his cancer stick and playing with his false teeth as if it’s something to be proud of (yeah all his teeth rotted away due to his stinky habit but he still didn’t manage to quit). With some smokers if they fell out of a plane, given the choice between a parachute and a cigarette, they would go for the cigarette because they are so brain addled and stupid.

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