Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate!

People really need to stop questioning the veracity of Obama’s birth (you hear me Donald Trump?)! I mean really. It’s so super clear Obama is American. Just listen to him and watch him when he’s abroad. So American.

After reading a very interesting and compelling post bringing Obama’s citizenship into questions, I decided to look into this subject myself. After arduous research, I was able to uncover the REAL birth cirtificate of Barack Obama and it’s shocking!!!! Evidently, Obama is American, as it clearly states on the birth cirtificate, but he’s also a hermaphrodite. AND, it turns out that his parents were clairvoyant because they nicknamed him “the one” at birth! This is truly amazing stuff.See for yourself, this should dispell any rumors that Barack Obama was born outside the U.S.


So, let that be a lesson to all of you people who question Obama’s citizenship! Duh. Winning.


2 responses to “Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate!

  1. Now, what to do about the 40 million that don’t have one. Losing. Definitely losing.

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