Government Shutdown? Who Gives A Fuck?

All the drama about the impending “government shutdown” is hilarious to me. First of all, I think it’s pathetic that the Republicans and Democrats are arguing about a measly few billion dollars when we have a $1.5 TRILLION deficit. That’s like worrying about two grand when you’ve got a $100,000 loan and the piper’s coming after you.

But really, everyone’s talking about the looming government shutdown and how awful it would be if the government shutdown. Give me a break. It reminds me of when the Hispanic community in the US decided to protest from work or any activity to make a statement, “you should appreciate us because this is what it would be like without us.” Well, they were gone for the entire day and I don’t know anyone who suffered. In fact, things were better—there was no traffic, and no attitude at the lunch restaurants. Nice try guys.

That’s how I foresee a government shutdown. A lot of scare tactics for something that would be relatively harmless and actually even a good thing.

If you’re a limited-government type like me, you tend to want what a government shutdown would imply: all non-essential government services would be discontinued. Hooray for that shit! We don’t need your “non-essential” bullshit. In fact, I ‘d like to see some of the so-called “essential” services cut too, namely Congress.

If we could keep the parks up and running and somehow discontinue Congress, I’d be a happy dude.


11 responses to “Government Shutdown? Who Gives A Fuck?

  1. don’t know about you, but i am not rich, live pay check to pay check. wtf?

  2. Christian von Delius


  3. I agree who gives two shits if they shut down, save some salaries on mindless drones shuffling papers and marking off a useless checklist.

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