Ads for Ads WTF?

I’m all for the fine video content website Hulu. I like how you can watch all the popular TV shows and some not so popular movies-in their entirety right there on my computer. And it’s even fine that they chop up the videos with ads. It’s better than the YouTube model that has annoying popup ads on top of the video that you want to see. What good is watching a video of Katy Perry’s hot body gyrating all over the place when her boobs are covered up with an ad about penis enlargement?

So, Hulu’s model is fine, but answer me this: who the fuck ever heard of ads for ads? Watch any trailer on Hulu and you’ll hear a preface, “The following trailer is brought to you by Jerry’s Dick Cream (or some other advertiser)”.

Really? I thought the trailer was an advertisement in itself. Don’t film distributors create trailers and pay to air them so that you will watch them? It’s a bizarre twist of the industry when people are paying to advertise during an advertisement. It’s like say, this Coke commercial is brought to you by Pepsi. Odd Shit.

I guess we’ve come to such a state of art that commercials have become art forms of their own. It’s certainly the case with Super Bowl commercials, which many people watch more intently than the Super Bowl their advertising on. And that’s why they rank the commercials just as much at the plays in the game.

It’s weird, yes, but keep bringing me free content!


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