Bathroom Etiquette #1

All right, we all understand that the bathroom is removed somewhat from everyday life. The bathroom isn’t a conference room where you need to refrain from making any noises not pertaining to your boring meeting. But for the love of Kraft Cheese and Macoroni, that doesn’t mean you can be an absolutely horrific Visigoth, cough, spitting,moaning, and grunting like a damn troglodyte with a urinary tract infection passing a gall stone. Sure, you’re all alone in your stall or urinal, but others can hear your disgustingness and the pristine tile walls in most public bathrooms makes the noises echo. So, don’t treat the bathroom like your private barbarian hole or the third level of Dante’s Inforno and keep a lid on your evil sounds. I’m trying to shit poop out of my ass over here!


One response to “Bathroom Etiquette #1

  1. LOL-
    I am sure these troglodytes were raised by cavemen.

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