Stupid road signs

I was driving around last night because that’s what you do in Southern California and I noticed something ridiculous when I was getting on the Interstate. Off to the right, I noticed a caution sign with the words “SLOW TRUCKS”. I presume that this was to warn people of slow trucks because it was on a hill and trucks would be slow going up the hill.

Well, no fucking kidding. Am I a fucking two year old? I realize that there will be a reduction in speed when big ass vehicles are moving up hill. I don’t need a taxpayer-sponsored sheet of metal to tell me what’s blatantly fucking obvious. Oh maybe some dickhead thought that a sign would be a better warning for slow trucks than actually seeing big ass slow trucks in front of me. What the fuck is a sign going to tell me that reality won’t in that case?

If lame transportation officials want to put up signs to alert me of a turn coming up or what speed to take it, I’ll give them that, but “Slow Trucks”? Give me a break. Oh, but maybe that’s the type of wasteful government spending that Obama calls shovel ready? How about I take a shovel and dig up your fucking gay ass sign?

We are in an over-signed society and it’s getting ridiculous. I heard a report recently that all the signs actually make us worse drivers because we have too much to consider and we’re overstimulated as drivers. With images like these It’s no wonder:

Another sign of the wasteful oversigned society we live in on a nearby street. A sign reads “Speed Limit 45 ahead” and not more than 100 feet ahead is a sign that says “Speed Limit 45”. Really? Did I need a warning that it was going to go to 45 MPH .000045 seconds before it actually did. What the fuck are people thinking? Oh, my bad, they’re not supposed to think. They’re supposed to ensure jobs are being created. Sign jobs. Fuck you.


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