GQ is the gayest men’s magazine around

Mixed in between the pretty boy pictures of androgynous fashion models (pretty sure they’re guys) and stories about how bad Bush is (yes this is over two years since Obama was elected), GQ may have one or two articles on hot women, but even those are one-page synopses on dumb chicks that are hot because they are sluts or they have twenty tattoos. GQ’s women have no class. But that’s not as important because the magazine doesn’t really stress women–it stresses gay men. GQ ostensibly stands for Gentleman’s Quarterly, but there’s strong evidence that it was originally intended to stand for Gay Quotient. Get your Gay Quotient every month in GQ!

Even GQ’s idea of comedy  is naked dudes.

On the cover they say, “No joke, it’s our #%$#!ing comedy issue”. Yeah, it’s not a joke. It’s not funny; it’s gay. Everything about it.

I think their entire spread for this year’s comedy edition was a bunch of guys running around New York without pants. Ha. Ha. Ha. I’m in tears. Fucking gay.

And don’t get me started on their politics. Gay. Let’s promote CHANGE when it’s the Democrat status quo touting it, but when it’s actual change from real revolutionaries, they make fun of it. And even that’s not funny.

But to save you from gay cuties getting you, don’t buy this magazine or bother reading it. You will turn homosexual if you read GQ and you’ll wonder why all your friends are so brutish and interested in things like football. Weird.

Enough of that gay shit. Here’s some extremely straight shit:

Hottest woman out there (no affiliation to GQ by the way):


7 responses to “GQ is the gayest men’s magazine around

  1. I was looking for contemporary men’s hairstyles and the search engine led me to GQ; the men in the photos looked really strange, creepy and scary and yes, gay. It looked like basically the same haircut on twenty different bizarre looking men.

  2. sasha baron cohen is maybe the funniest people around these days

  3. You will not become gay from reading GQ! More hate I see. What is with the gay bashing? Do you hate HUMANS who are different than you? It is such a shame people like you write stuff like this with the intent to hurt others but you and I know the real truth! The REAL TRUTH is people like you who write stuff like this are trying to hide their own homosexuality! Yeah look at me I’m str8 and I hate fags! Nice try buddy, we aint buying it! The Bible says to LOVE thy neighbor as thyself….. see you don’t love yourself very much do you? I had a lot more to say but sometimes I think people like you are just a lost cause, but I’ll continue praying for you anyway. I’m not your judge, GOD is and he loves you, even when you choose to do wrong! That’s the amazing thing about God! He loves us and sent Christ to die on a cross so that we would have the chance to live and be saved…. but you can only be saved if you repent and say I’m sorry and accept Christ as your personal savior! It’s whosoever will! I hope you change and stop hurting people and get yourself right with God….. May God have mercy on you and those like you.

    • no it is not bashing.. if people are gay that’s fine with me it is their choice (or birth-right depending upon your beliefs) But damnit, the androgynous men.. the advertisements with men holding other men.. every “man” in the magazine looks like some puffed lip fairy boy twink with dough eyes waiting for dick… it is disgusting and a disgrace. Men need a manly magazine..maxim comes to to mind… mens health etc. In GQ there is nothing gentleMAN about it.. it is gay, it is queer, and it is permeating our society. Men need to be MEN damnit.

    • I don’t hate anyone. I wish everyone well including homosexuals. I just don’t want to read about it in a magazine. GQ parades itself as a men’s magazine, but it’s really only for gay men. May God have mercy on you who don’t understand what people are trying to say.


    i just cant beleive any man gets an erection for a hairy stinky bumhole. the gay agenda is straight old men trying to convince young men theyre gay, so the old guys get the young broads

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