If you don’t let us break your law, we’ll kill you

This is the most ridiculous trailer I’ve ever seen. First off, I know the actual plot in the movie is different, but the trailer makes it seem like there’s this crazy MFer out there whose position is: if you don’t let us break your law, we’ll kill you.

What a crock of shit. Yeah, that’s going to make a lot of people happy about illegals being here. First, go attempt to kill a senator, then steal his women and kill a bunch of other anti-illegal white people. Real good for race relations, dickhead.

Look, I’m all for immigration and the U.S. should liberalize its immigration laws. But was cannot do so before we get rid of the self-destructive welfare state that the wrong immigrants are coming here for. It’s broken and an influx of worthless immigrants would make it worse. Let them come here for the right reason: the rule of law, jobs (as if we have any of those left), and opportunity. Don’t let them come here to suck us dry through fucked up welfare programs that the majority of the people never wanted.


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