Follow the DMV on Twitter!

Oh boy! I am thrilled to pieces! Tickled, ecstatic, overwhelmed! Today is the best day ever!

Why you ask?

Because I get to follow the California DMV on Twitter!

Yay! This really made my day.

Are you fucking kidding me? How many lame motherfuckers are there out there who really give a shit what the DMV is posting on an hourly basis? Really, I bet whoever is following the CA DMV on Twitter are being forced to by their DMV employers.

And the arrogance that a inefficient, coercive, piece-of-shit government agency that no one really wants thinks that people want to follow them is beyond me. This is typical of government horseshit and it probably costs us taxpayers for them to do it. The dumbass Baby Boomer managers at the DMV probably hired some sorry asswipe to update DMV statuses hourly. Pathetic.


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