Obamacare =


2 responses to “Obamacare =

  1. I totally agree that smokers are a fucking nuisance in society, since I was 5, I have considered them a lower form of human life, they remind me of zombies (No will power at all) and total lack of respect for non-smokers. I think they should jack up the taxes even more per pack and make em’ more potent, so the stupid FUCKs die faster and I don’t have to smell their stench anymore. They still won’t learn. I have more respect for a homeless man taking a shit out in my front yard. At least he can say, “I couldn’t help it”

  2. I Hate Obama and I hate smokers. Fuck them!!!
    I’m not paying for their fucking healthcare, the sooner that all smokers die, then we healthy individuals won’t have to waste our money anymore.

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