Obamacare and smoking

Now that I’m going to be paying for all you unhealthy motherfuckers’ health care, you better the fuck outlaw smoking cause I’m not going to pay for some emphysema-riddled, leather-ass-lipped tobacco whore as he hangs on for dear life strapped to a $10,000-a-day iron lung all the while complaining because life has given him the metaphorical big middle finger right up the ass when it was his retarded choice to pick up the fucking carton at Billy’s Ciggy Mart and trade fresh air for a cloud of poisonous shit. Fuck Obama and fuck you, smokers. I ain’t paying.


3 responses to “Obamacare and smoking

  1. Fuck you ass hole your not paying for the god damn mother fucker’s heath care system for all the god damn people out there and mabey not for any one at all

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