Obama is African American?

I can’t believe we’re still hearing this bullshit about Barack Obama being the first African-American president.

First of all, who gives a shit? If you claim him as being African-American, you’re a racist because that means something to you. It doesn’t mean anything to mean. His crappy policies mean something to me, but not the color of his skin.

Second of all, he’s not African-American. At least, that’s not the whole story. Sure, he’s got dark skin and a grandma in the jungle. He’s also half-European. So, saying he’s African-American is as accurate as saying he’s European-American. Let’s be honest, in everything that counts (vertical jump, dance moves, and shoe size), I’m more African that the fool in the White House and I’m as white and polar monkey in a snowstorm.

Get off the race thing people, when you bring it up, you look like idiots!


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