Advantages of smoking

Don’t say I’m one sided. Yeah, smokers suck, but there are advantages of smoking. Here are some, contributed by one of our readers:

-More breaks at work!!!!
-If you have B.O. the cigarette smell covers up your stench.
-This is your excuse for comming in last in the charity walk.
-People feel sorry for you and wait on you hand and foot while your hacking up your lungs.
– You make lots of friends at the ‘Smokers Pit” which is located far away where it is unseen…hint hint hint!!
-You save money on food, because you’d rather smoke.
-You can save time on your lunch hour by placing your cigarette in your sandwitch so you can kill three birds with one stone…eat lunch, smoke your cigarette AND kill yourself!!!
-You get to go to all those cool Indian Reservations.
-You look MAD COOL.


One response to “Advantages of smoking

  1. You’re a big fat excuse for anti-smoker, hypocrite.

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