Another reason why smokers suck

How about elevators? Smokers go take their gay-ass smoke breaks every 20 minutes while the rest of us people are working and when they commute back to their cubicle, they may have to use the elevator. But guess what? Their stinking-ass fumes haven’t been expelled completely from their dick-ass lungs so the others in the cramped elevator get to taste their evil stench for the ride back up to the office. And it doesn’t go away when they do. No, that bastard of an odor lingers for minutes or even hours after the lazy, wasteful cuds leave the enclosed area.

Elevators, just another reason why fucking smokers suck!


10 responses to “Another reason why smokers suck

  1. we can say the same about people who smell like shit…your “comeback” will have no merit.

  2. Well, the same could be said about people who smell like shit ONLY IF they rubbed dog feces all over themselves to satisfy an artificial addiction that slowly killed them and their second-hand loved ones.

  3. I was right

  4. Smokers do seem rather gay. Look at them: they pollute the air around them and everyone else’s air, too, all the while licking and fingering the phallic substitute that they lack elsewhere. Smokers are fixated on cock. Yup, the lazy bastards DO smell like shit in the elevator. Smokers sure DO seem to enjoy sucking!

  5. cool story cunt

  6. i started smokin about a year ago, am now addicted and i whole heartedly agree that smoking, sucks arse. there is nothing pleasing about smoking. at all. ever. it tastes and smells liek fucking shit.
    anyone who says otherwise is ignorant as all shit.

    im trying to quit, belive me!
    (cough cough splutter wheeze)

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