Joe the Heckler

A lot of people are outraged by the “Joe the Heckler” outburst at Wednesday’s Joint Session sit down oBBama had. The president’s goal was to dispell all the lies about the health care bill drifting around out there. But what has gotten the most attention is Representative Joe Wilson’s dispelling of the president. When oBBama mentioned that the Dem’s health care bill would not cover illegal imigrants, Wilson yelled, “You Lie!”

Some say that the outburst was uncalled for, some say it was embarrassing, and others want Joe Wilson’s head.

But all the hubub is a joke. Why can others clap and he can’t heckle? Why can the president receive only positive reinforcement? Why the double standard about being vocal in the Joint session?

I’m all for the heckler. Heckle everyone. Of course, you need to let oBBama present his lies before you call him a liar, but Wilson did that. oBBama spoke for most of the presentation. He was aloud to present his lies quite thoroughly before Wilson heckled.

Hopefully this is a trend and more congressmen will become vocal critics during nationally televised propaganda. Then, maybe the US congress will morph into something much more substantive and entertaining, like the British Parliament:


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