Townhall Meeting Videos

I’ve been getting a kick out of townhall meeting videos the past few days. The Congressmen are back in Washington, but these gems, which dipict everyday people getting in the fat faces of the stuffy politicians will live forever.

First up: chick calls oBBama a Nazi and Frank a supporter:

There are two major fallacies in Frank’s response:

#1, Avoiding the question. He doesn’t answer her question. If he was unclear about the link between Hitler and oBBama, then, why not ask instead of avoiding the question? He did ask a  question to address the questioner, but it led to the second logical fallacy:

#2, Ad hominem. Instead of answering the question, Frank criticizes the questioner, implying that she was an alien and likening a conversation to her with coffee table. Well, Mr. Frank, a conversation with you is worse, it’s like having a conversation with an ILLOGICAL person. I’d much rather have a conversation with a coffee table!

Second up: Baron Hill forgets who he’s working for

This is just hilarious. Hill is worried about being put into a compromising position so he doesn’t allow video of “his” townhall meeting. The thing is, it seems like it would be very difficult to not see this arrogant jackass in a compromising position. Irony, I love it.

This one is long, but interesting. Tsongas endures a pretty rowdy crowd of antagnists as she spouts her lies about healthcare “reform”:

You have to give her credit for holding her own, but this video clearly shows that there are a very vocal majority of people who are sick of this government sick care plan.

This is outside a townhall meeting, not much content, but an interesting point at the end:

Hope you enjoyed!


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