I don’t have health insurance

I don’t have health insurance. Why? Because it is a broken-ass system. It takes money from healthy people and gives it to unhealthy people, most of whom choose to be unhealthy. Let’s be honest, all those type-II diabetics, eggs and bacon eating heart patients, smoking emphysema patients CHOOSE to be unhealthy and through their own will and government regulation, pay the medical bills for those patients. They pay for triple bypass surgery for a chronic over eater; they pay for cancer treatment of life-time smokers; and yes, they pay for gerbil-in-the-ass removal from kinky sex addicts. Those medical procedures take their toll and disproportionately benefit unhealthy people. True, there is some discount in insurance premiums for healthy people, but someone who is never sick still has to pay up tp $200 a month (without employer assistance) for basic coverage.

The main purpose for insurance is to insure people against unforeseen medical problems–complete accidents or aberrations. But insurance has become the catchall payment plan for the common cold, paper cuts, and chosen ailments like the ones mentioned above. So, I don’t want to contribute to that pool.

The problem is that some people don’t want to leave well enough alone. Obama and his ilk are touting socialized health scare that will provide (as they call it) free health care to the masses through government-run institutions. That’s still all well and good, except for the fact that it isn’t free–someone’s going to pay for it–and one of those people is me, who consciously rejects the idea of healthy people paying for unhealthy people. Obama wants to FORCE me to pay into a corrupt-as-Cain health system. Fuck that.

I’m not insured and Obama and his minions use that as a ploy to encourage socialized medicine: “look! 47 million are uninsured! Let’s do something about it!” But I don’t want to be insured, so fuck off! Stop trying to take my money and give it to fat smokers!

And to the people who support socialized health care because of the goodness of your own heart- please understand, that it’s not cause I’m mean and I want people to go without health care. My position stands because everything government does is a bloated beurocratic mess and that won’t change for an industry that some estimate will take up a third of the GDP by 2050. Government is coercion. Let’s not turn our hospitals into one big DMV!


One response to “I don’t have health insurance

  1. Quit your whining, get off your ass, and go make something of your life instead of bitchin’ about something that you can’t get.

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