PETA finally getting a clue

After years of getting hot women to go naked to protest fur (below) with the threat that “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has finally come to its senses. You see, we want to see hot women going naked to protest fur, but if everyone stopped wearing fur, then we would have fewer hot women protesting it by going naked—something we don’t want. So, recently, PETA hired a bunch of ugly chicks to go naked with the same threat. Now, this makes sense—we don’t want to see these ugly chicks, so we’ll stop buying your precious little rat tail coats and we’ll leae your beloved marmet alone, but please stop don’t make me look at the ugly chicks going naked!!! For the love of God, keep your ugly-ass tattooed bodies covered up! Put a damn moo moo on, I don’t care, just put something on!

Here’s the PETA threat making sense:


The wrong message:


More bad ideas from PETA:



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