Venezuelan Oil takeover- how far away is America?

This is from a recent news article:

CARACAS (AFP) — Venezuelan unions estimated that nearly 22,000 oil contractors stand to lose their jobs after President Hugo Chavez’s government seized the assets of 60 local and foreign-owned oil firms.

“This law does not benefit us,” Bernardino Chirinos, leader of the Union of Oil Workers in the western state of Zulia, told El Nacional newspaper.

“There are 35,000 workers on the east coast (of Zulia state) and only 8,000 will be absorbed. There are 22,000 workers without guarantees.”

Venezuela, the Americas’ largest oil exporter, began Friday to expropriate some oil service providers, a day after the National Assembly passed a law extending the state’s control to all activities related to the oil industry

It makes you wonder how far off America is from a situation like this. Most of the country supports or even loves President Obama, who is beating out Bush as the most socialist president of all time. All he wants is government control and people are giving him a pass.

What were his campaign promises? More transparency? Bring the troops back? No tax increases on 95% of Americans?

What a fucking joke! Obama’s pushed through shit legislation (the bailout) before the legislators (much less the AMerican taxpayer) had a chance to sniff it over. He’s failed in setting the course to bring home the troops (where are all the anti-war protesters now?). And he already signed tax increases on cigarettes and is primed to tax income higher than he promised.

Obama’s bailing out car companies who, in turn, squander that taxpayer money by going bankrupt. Obama’s budget is absolutely abhorrent and going to put us into more debt than anyone can really imagine. And Obama wants to pass legislation limiting small farms and consolidating big farms under more government reulation.

Why not just take over all the oil companies and tech firms and medical firms? Why not just begin the American socialist movement in earnest you commie mother fucker?

All you ass wipes who support this socialist answer one question: what’s there left to regulate if everyone’s a regulator?


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