Why smokers suck

Here’s an example of the typical inconsiderate ass-nugget smoker. Not considering the countless people walking around that don’t want to smell her vehemence, there’s a clearly-marked “Thank you for not smoking” sign posted right under her ass. Hey smokers- you suck!



9 responses to “Why smokers suck

  1. Get Cancer And Die Bitch

  2. Fuck you. All you non-smokers are pansy ass retards. You’re the kind of person that coughs when the smallest hint of smoke enters you comfort bubble. Ha ha, I would blow smoke in your face. The more people who smoke the better. You will be hit by a bus. Long before cancer takes it’s toll.

    • Pha-Q, you’re a vile human being. Is it your goal to harm and annoy others? Why don’t join the ranks of Hitler, Stalin, and the Spice Girls and go fuck yourself (OUT OF PUBLIC VIEW PLEASE)

  3. you suck. I love people like you cause they are so easy to piss off. I love to smoke where I am not “allowed” to cause it is my way of fighting back against you faggot ass, pansy non smokers. fuck you and your lungs. ha ha

    • Wow- you’re such a big burly manly man because you can stick a tobacco penis in your mouth and suck it all day. So impressive! Not to mention you can slowly kill yourself by cancer and emphysema to satisfy an artificial addiction- real manly bro!

  4. Did rantventrant just call a persona Hitler?????
    Who was the first person to implement a smoking ban??? Answer me that asshat.

  5. i smoke ciggies and am trying to quit them, there is NOTHING pleasing about smoking- it makes everything smell like shit and look like shit. ur mouth, ur car, ur shirt, ur room, ur breth, ur eyes andur skin. FUCK THAT SHIT RIGHT OFF. again, i AM a smoker. the ONLY reason i smoke is because im fucking addicted. any smoker who sez otherwise is full of shit (an toxins) no one smokes because it tastes nice. that “because it relaxes me” is actually “it feeds my addiction.” fuck smoking, it should be banned worldwide. i hate this shit yet i cannot stop.
    smoking is fkin RANK.

  6. That pic was taken @ san diego airport. I’ve smoked on that bench MANY times! 🙂

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