Geithner shows his fascist side

So, the government took money from our future and taxes to bailout banks that were about to collapse. Of course, with that money came a lot of regulation and bullshit (no surprise). So the banks that got the aid want to repay their debt–probably sooner than the federal government had hoped. So, Timothy Geithner says  that the banks have to meet strict guidelines in order to pay back the American people:

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said yesterday that the “ultimate test” for determining which banks can repay government bailout money is whether the entire financial system is capable of offering enough credit to revive the economy.

Geithner’s remarks indicate that regulators will require banks to meet high standards to get out from under the government’s thumb. Industry and federal officials are bracing for a showdown over this issue beginning Friday when the chief financial officers of 19 of the nation’s major banks will be summoned to the Federal Reserve and told the results of the government’s “stress tests.”

If this doesn’t deserve the biggest “Fuck You” award, I don’t know what does. It looks like the government’s seemingly benevolent actions were really done just to control the banking industry. But they can’t do that if the banks are operating without the taxpayers’ money, so Geithner wants to FORCE the banks to keep the money by rejecting their level of soundness.



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