TEA Parties protest big government

From Michelle Malkin:

I just have one word: Wow. More than 800 tea parties across the country. Here’s your first photo/vid round-up from the events across the country, large and small, every corner of this great nation (hit your refresh button often…I’ll keep updating…11:20pm…just added tons more crowd pix and vid…trying to keep ‘em all in one post to give you the full breadth and scope of the protests — not just the size, but the reach, a true sense of which is missing from the MSM coverage. More coming…):

Raleigh NC sent via iphone by reader Wendy:

Cincinnati via Alex Jamieson h/t Justin Binik-Thomas:


Young Citadel Cadets spoke at the Charleston SC tea party – via Cadet Steven Munoz:

Grand Rapids MI via L.D. at RightMichigan:

Eau Claire WI via reader Dan:

Snowy in Bozeman MT from reader Cara V.:

Vid from Phoenix:

More from Phoenix from KFYI.

Vid from Carson City NV:

Kansas City MO at the WWI memorial:

Pleasanton CA from reader Kell:

White Plains NY via Tom Faranda:

Lafayette IN near Purdue University via CCAV:

Bend OR via Jim F.

NYC via Urban Infidel:

Sacramento via Vern:

Sioux Falls SD tea dumping reenactment:


Greensburg PA:

Lansing MI via Doug Powers:



Washington DC via Ed Frank…

Chicago via Founding Bloggers:


Oklahoma City:


3 responses to “TEA Parties protest big government

  1. Where were they when Bush was spending billions killing off half of Iraq?
    I’ve never known such idiocy on such a large scale.

  2. futile- I agree- these people should have been out there when Bush was moving us toward socialism and yes, I too have never seen such idiocy on such a large scale as Congress over the last 6 months. They think they can “fix” the economy with the same shit that got it into this mess (debt and monopolistic spending), or worse, they know they aren’t fixing the problem and they’re just stealing our futures without remorse. Either way, they need to be stopped!

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