Susan Davis is awful

She continually goes against her constituents for her votes and needs to be ejected from office. Here’s the latest letter I’ve received from her:

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding H.R. 384, the TARP Reform and Accountability Act of 2009.  It was good to hear from you and I welcome the opportunity to respond to your comments.

As you may know, H.R. 384 passed the House of Representatives with bi-partisan support on January 21, 2009 and is currently awaiting action in the Senate.  This bill is a necessary step to correcting a lack of adequate tracking by the Bush Administration’s Treasury Department on the first $350 billion of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  It provides a structure for oversight in order to strengthen accountability, close loopholes, limit executive bonuses, increase transparency and force banks to report how government funds are being spent.

Nevertheless, I certainly understand and appreciate your concerns regarding the interaction between private industry and government.  While we still must be careful not to over-regulate business, the current financial crisis has very clearly shown that the absolute, unregulated free market system is simply not workable and some sensible government controls must be applied.

Although we may not agree on this particular issue, I hope that we can continue to work together in the future.  Thanks again for being in touch.  As your representative, I both need and value your input.  If you are interested in receiving regular updates about what is happening in Congress, please sign up for my E-Newsletter at

Notice how everything wrong is Bush’s fault (even though he didn’t pass the bill- she did!)

Fuck you Susan Davis. Posterity certainly will!


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