No on CRAZY government spending!

The Senate is expected to vote soon on the $1 trillion+ spending plan cobbled together by Democratic leadership at the last minute. Pelosi, Reid, and Obama are selling the package (S. 1) as a jobs bill, but a quick look at where the money will actually go shows that it is nothing of the sort. Spending $400 million on the prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases or $600 million on new cars for government bureaucrats will do little to nothing to promote sustainable, long-term economic growth.

Senators are facing a barrage of big-government activism from the left, and we need to make sure that the taxpayer’s voice is heard through all of the noise.

Please call your Senators right away and ask them to VOTE NO on the “stimulus” hoax!

Call Barbara Boxer at (202) 224-3553.

Call Dianne Feinstein at (202) 224-3841.

Points to remember when you make those calls:

Bloated government budgets simply don’t make economies soar. Spending willy-nilly didn’t work in the 1970s (the last time Washington tried spending its way out of a slump), and it won’t work now.
It would be an outrage to add $6,700 to each household’s share of the national debt to pay for a desperate attempt to “do something, anything” about the economy.
Low tax rates will do much more over the short and long term to expand prosperity in America.
Vote NO on S. 1!
Every call made by taxpayers like you will help turn the tide against this harmful plan! Thank you in advance for picking up the phone and making these two crucial calls.


Your NTU Grassroots Action Team

P.S. Want to see which mayor thought that spending $99,600 on doorbells was a good “stimulus” project? Visit to find out.


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