WTF, Wednesday?

WTF, Wednesday?

You act like a little old regular two-syllable day like “oh, it’s just Wenzday,” and you think no one fucking notices. But you’re really three syllables. Wed- 1, nes- 2, and day – 3.Don’t even try to act like Monday or Friday, you piece of shit day. You’re not even close. “But Saturday is a three syllable day– but…but…but..” Shut your pie hole, ass day. Saturday deserves the three syllables because it kicks off the weekend and you’re just a regular weekday. DOn’t even try to compare yourself with Saturday.

And by the way, what the fuck is ‘wednes’ any way? Sunday = “sun” day, Monday = “moon” day, I get it. But Wednes-day? What am I supposed to get married or ‘wed’ed on Wednesday? You’re on crack you freakin nasty cus of a day. And don’t try pulling that ‘hump day’ bull shit on me. Yeah, you’re in the middle of the week and it’s all down hill after Wednesday. It’s more like you pull the entire week down hill with your pathetic little pleas for notariety. You whore.

Try to shape up Wedneday, or I’m gonna take you completely out of the week- and don’t think I can’t.


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