From the National Taxpayer’s Union

If you’re worried about taxes going up, you must read this. We need your help!

President Obama & Co. are rushing to “do something” about the economy by pushing a government “stimulus bill” that would spend hundreds of billions of our tax dollars. They’re singing the same old “big government is here to help” tune.

Yet more government is likely to hurt — not help — our economy. After all, taxpayers will be stuck with the tab for this new spending, either now (through higher taxes) or later on (through higher debt).

It’s up to taxpaying Americans like you to tell Congress: “Quit digging us into a fiscal hole!”

Here’s must-read information on why we must — and how we can — stop this stimulus hoax.

What are we fighting against? Watch this YouTube video and then read this column.
The Democrats’ $550 billion spending bill is 334 pages long. Search it, read it, and comment on it here.
Find out why the Democrats’ spending plan won’t stimulate the economy.
There’s a better way to grow our economy: The Economic Recovery and Middle-Class Tax Relief Act.
Take action now: Tell Congress to stop the spending spree!
Congress is considering the stimulus bill right now. You must act today!


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